Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mattel Justice League Interactive Talking Heroes Knightcrawler


Hello! I should have done this review two weeks ago when I got this beautiful beast. Yes. Justice League. It was once again a divisive movie, but there were a lot of things I liked, and the Knightcrawler was one of them! Thanks to Mattel, we can all own one! And it's worth every penny! (Although I got it for $24 at target during a sale, which made it sweeter, best money ever spent)

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. This is how it comes. Pro tip: When you insert the legs, make sure they are all the way in. Pro tip #2: It takes 5 (five) double A (AA) batteries. I'll tell you why momentarily.

I should have probably scanned these. You can read them, right? If not, then drop a comment.

Good God this thing is a thing of beauty. I would like to praise Batman gear's aesthetics seen since Batman vs Superman. From the outfit, to his weapons, and his vehicles, they have been really well done on screen. One of my biggest disappointments in BvS is that Mattel did not release a proper Batwing except for an RC drone or in Hot Wheels format. I really would have loved a figure scale Batwing with a cockpit. Luckily we have tons of Batmobiles this time around, as well as the Knightcrawler and the biggest bat-vehicle of all: The Flying Fox, which we will cover soon enough. I do miss the fins... The screen's Knightcrawler translates well enough onto this toy, which was designed to talk to the talking figures. It's highly detailed, it's HUGE, and it's got turrets that shoot missiles really far! The legs are quite hollow, which can some times be distracting, but that's because of the walking mechanism. This is mechanized so don't expect a lot of articulation on the legs. For details on that, read on.

The cockpit is quite small. It accomodates the BvS and JL figures (not Multiverse) figures well. In other words, if your figure is slightly bigger than 6 inches, it's not going to fit. If anything, the talking figure barely fits, and it's pretty tricky to put it in. The cockpit isn't going to close without a fight, so arm yourself with some patience. If you want to use a 5 inch figure of a 3.75 inch figure, oh they'll fit. As you can see, the Knightcawler dwarfs the figure, and it's one of the biggest Bat toys ever made.

The top of the cockpit features a window you can push back, so you can push talking Batman's belt, which will allow it to interact with the figure. It will recognize Batman, and other figures. Now, I don't own any other talking figures. I'm tempted to get Cyborg. The machine will recognize and talk to Batman, and say various phrases, which I've recorded in the following set of videos.

As for the walking mechanism, it's very loud, very powerful, but it walks a very short distance. Forward sensors will detect walls and blockages. This is a generation 0 pet robot.

I cannot recommend this enough. Buy it yourself and discover for yourself what makes it tick. I'm still figuring out how to get it to say what and so forth. I began collecting batman stuff when I was 5. This would have made me freak out. It's one of the coolest Batman toys in existence, and worth every penny. Yeah, there are some issues like the cockpit being quite small for 6 inch figures, the walking not being perfect, the hollow legs, but still, this is awesome. It's just a really cool toy. But anyways. Plug time. To my readers, did you know I have an Ebay store? You can find it here: Use the tabs to the left to find whatever you're looking for. We've got all sorts of stuff, excellent for stocking stuffers:, and don't forget to give us a like here: tell everyone you know there's a giant vintage toy store on ebay called The Mesozoic Emporium, and tell them to find us on ebay, or on facebook. It's Christmas and I could really use your help so I can get more Bat toys and review them, past the ones I already have, of course. Anyways. Next up, we'll be looking at some more Suicide Squad stuff. I don't know about you, but personally, I liked SS more than JL. What do you think? Drop a comment belowww! Alfred, we'll take it from here!

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