Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mattel DC Justice League Interactive Talking Heroes Batman

Justice League Interactive Talking Heroes Batman

JL talking heroes! They do exactly that! They talk and talk to one other! I'm incredibly excited to show y'all my very first Justice League Batman figure! I saw these in stores and immediately cried with awe! I didn't buy one right away because I've been mostly broke this summer due to travel and low sales at the store I work at, but that's going to be all better! Every passing day I see more incredible stuff coming out of Mattel! A 5 year old me could have never dreamed of the stuff these guys are making! Last year's offerings were sort of depressing, but they're seriously upped their game, beginning with this figure!

First off, Batman figures that talk aren't especially common. I remember the R.A.M BAT Batman from Mission Masters (which used the backpack to talk, while this figure has a built in electronic system), and probably a few larger figures talk, but this would be only my second one. It says 15 different phrases that I haven't gotten to yet (find out what he says when you buy it). It's a wee bit shorter than last year's figures. Just a tad bit shorter. I wish I had taken a comparison picture with BvS figures. As you can see, we are making a return to cloth capes, which I feel is a bloody miracle. If you follow this blog, you'll notice I'm a big fan of cloth capes. Plastic capes are just so...rigid. I personally like to fwoosh around with my figures. In the last picture you can see where the battery goes. It uses 3 A76 batteries, which are hella expensive. I know this because I've been dealing with them since 1993 with my Jurassic Park dinosaurs. The belt buckle is the button, and I think it looks kind of nice. The sculpt is really nice and detailed. It's pretty textured, as these Batmen usually are. I love the job Mattel did with that woven like fiber texture on Ben Affleck's Batman outfit. (DISCLAIMER: Ben Affleck does not provide the voice for the figure)

To the modern super articulated fan, these figures might look a bit stiff, but they've made some improvements since last year. Elbows and wrists are actually ball jointed! Kinda useless since the shoulders aren't, but still a million times better than modern Star Wars figures. I love it how they have open fists for holding other figures' accessories. Some of BvS figures did have ball jointed elbows, but that's sort of an useless feature if you don't have ball jointed elbows in my opinion. Still, good for boxing matches.


They also have knee joints. Overall a pretty fantastic figure, really. It's a mix of back to basics + 2017 toy engineering, and I know a 5 year old me would have gone nuts (see what I did there?) over this figure.

I got mine at Target for 14.99 (no sales tax in Oregon), and for that price, I think this is an excellent gift for From me. The line also has Flash, Aquaman, Wonderwoman and Superman, which I will not be getting or showing here as this is a Batman universe page. I can't wait to get more JL Batman figures to show y'all. The next couple of days I'll be talking about the Suicide Squad Multiverse figures I haven't reviewed yet, and because this year marks the 25th Anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series, I'm going to review every single Kenner figure and vehicle tied to that era!!!! So stay tuned! Also, for those of you who have facebook, please give these folks at like: The Unofficial Michael Keaton Academy of Getting Nuts, which is probably my favorite Batman page on FB (no they're not sponsoring this, that'd be nuts, I just had to share it because true Batman fans will enjoy this).

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mattel DC Signature Collection Batzarro

Mattel DC Signature Collection Batzarro

This is the only Signature Collection figure I own. Batzarro AKA Wayne Bruce was created by The Joker. He's basically Batman's Bizarro: Idolizes Batman but is his complete opposite. Signature figures come in special white boxes, which have original art on them and the character's summary. I don't know why but I missed out on this entire arc, despite me being a Pre-Infinite Crisis kind of guy.

Batzarro comes with a typical hero figure, a Batarang, and a new headsculpt. Me no like Batzarro, me no like this toy. It is beautiful.

Me think figure has no articulation, it is not standard.

Me hink he paid too little for this toy. Me wants hates Year One Batman.

Enough with the Bizarro bit. That was cringeworthy. Get this figure if you're a completist. Here's the problem with Mattel's Multiverse figures. They aren''s an interesting choice of a figure, but it's always the same bodysculpt. Modern Multiverse figures are switching it up since live action figures tend to be quite different from one another (with the exception of Flash and Reverse Flash and Zoom who all use the same exact body). If you're a fan of the arc, which I did not read, this is the figure for you. Me no like my readers me hate Batman toys.

All those wonderful toys

I know I haven't posted in a while. But I will now. We have all these new wonderful toys that I just can't wait to share with y'all, so watch this space! Maybe I'll do a review right now!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Batman vs Superman Energy Shield Batman

BvS Energy Shield Batman

Sorry for the 2 month absence, I'm back, and I finally got my hands on new Batman merch!

Boy am I excited for this figure! I first saw it a few months ago at a Target store, and I love see-through clear plastic figures! For me it's very nostalgic and reminiscent of the Batman Forever era! No...the Kenner era in general! I love this figure!

This figure is a redeco of the Battle Armor Batman version that comes in the Toys R Us Batman, Superman vs Lex Luthor 3 pack, which I do not yet possess. It's Battle Armor Batman with a battle damaged chest plate and a removable helmet. The articulation is the same as with Battle Armor Batman, and it comes with his weapon, but it also comes with Heat Shield Batman's shield.

I love the blue removable helmet. The eyes are cut, so if you manage to push it still won't catch the white eyes of the Batman head underneath, but it still manages to look cool. I love the fact that the entire figure is cast in see-through red. The blue steel spray paint on the upper top of the figure gives it a really nice heat absorption effect, as if Supes was trying to melt him.

Again, there aren't a lot of poses you can pull off with the 6 inch BvS figures, but they still manage to look pretty cool. They are sturdy and durable. I'm still not a fan of the plastic cape because it's always wrinkled up and prone to tearing, but it's better than nothing. Anyways, I've only seen this figure in Target stores next to a clear blue Superman figure. I'd get it if I were you!

You can melt my heart, but you can never melt my HONOR!