Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jungle Rage Robin

Jungle Rage Robin

A nameless rogue villain is holding some of Gotham City's most notable citizens in the jungle rainforest arboretum of Gotham Park. Robin is on the scene and the Responsive Camouflage technology of his Neural Suit immediately adapts to his environment, turning him into a fearsome jungle stealth warrior. He becomes almost impossible to see when draped in his cloak, an invisible force able to sneak up on any villain hidden within the jungle.

My favorite figure of the line, this is an amazing figure whose sculpt is absolutely amazing. The weapons are cool and the cape...well one thing at a time.

It's not just sentimentality that makes me like Bat Attack Batman, The Penguin and this figure the most. My Godfather got them to me, and when I was living in Venezuela, only wave 1 and 2 made it there, so these figures were quite special.

This figure's large camo colored cape is the best accessory ever. I love the colors and I love how it covers the entire figure. It's really cool.

He comes with two very strange weapons, one is a sniper rifle/bug killer and the other is some sort of...I don't know. I also really love his mask.

Obviously nameless rogue is Poison Ivy, but it's a shame why they didn't make Poison Ivy into a super scary figure. This is my favorite figure of the entire line, therefore I highly recommend it.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Underwater Assault Batman

Underwater Assault Batman

Wave 3's cardbacks had the following intro:

In a twisted parallel Gotham City where the criminals are unimaginably deadly and in total control, Batman and Robin learned to enhance their Neural Suit technology. This technology tapped into their thoughts and impulses, automatically reacting to danger, making them living, breathing weapons. Now they have taken the technology one step further: Responsive Camouflage reacts to the Dynamic Duo's specific environment, adapting to the elements and their surroundings. The result: Batman and Robin gain the edge over Gotham City's most hideous villains as their quest for justice rages on to become Legends of the Dark Knight!

An army of demolition experts has taken control of Gotham Harbor, threatening to destroy it if their demands are not met. In order to meet to the challenge, Batman’s Responsive Camouflage technology reacts to convert his Neural Suit into a manta cape that doubles as a water sled. Now Batman speeds below the surface as an underwater warrior wielding a massive sea claw in his hand, ready to undo whatever horrific dangers may surface!

Now this is a very nice sculpt. I mean it reminds me of The Little Mermaid with its overly maritime camo outfit, but it sure is a nice sculpt with amazing colors.

I am not a big fan of this figure, but he is very nice now that I get to look at him up close. I love his manta ray shaped cape/sufboard/scuba thingy. He also comes with a claw weapon that is kind of useless in my opinion.

This figure has a ton of playability, too! Detach the manta ray from the back, and the claw weapon can peg on it. It serves as a nice manta ray drone.

This figure is just all sorts of barnacle laden fun. He has a fin on his back which is where the manta ray backpack goes. Unfortunately the manta ray can't hold the claw in this position so instead he has to hold it with either hand.

Furthermore, the manta ray can act like one of those scuba things (pardon my ignorance on the subject!) that are motorized that are used by scuba divers sometimes. Strikes me odd that this is the only Aqua based Batman that doesn't have a clear breathing apparatus... Maybe the neural suit thing gives him gills...?

He can also stand on it so it serves as a surfboard! Anywho this is probably the most fun figure of this line, especially if you're a kid who likes playing in the bathtub...like I do. Er...did. 'coz I don't do that anymore. It's silly right? yes? I love it how almost all Batman lines has a water based figure. It can be said that Legends of Batman was the only big line that did not feature some sort of water based Batman figure! It's a great, underrated figure with an excellent yet strange sculpt. It has tons of personality and the details on the costume are incredible. One of the best from LoTDK.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Laughing Gas Joker

Laughing Gas Joker

The sinister Joker has never been so menacing! His highly specialized robotic armor gives him tremendous strength while doubling as a decoy suit that blows apart to reveal his true identity and a horrible punch line: dreadful laughing gas canisters set to put the citizens of Gotham City under his evil control. Wild, the incarnation of the Joker himself, is a disgustingly brutal imp, clever and sneaky, who amuses himself and his master with nasty pranks that are a constant threat to Batman!

The villains in this line don't cease to be awesome in this line! NEVER MIND HE CAN'T MOVE HIS LEGS! Doesn't matter, 'coz while he's just a huge McDonalds Happy Meal Toy, he's also the goddamn Joker...

THIS JOKER IS HUGE! He's buff, he's scary, kinda reminds me of The Dark Knight Strikes Back's Joker with the huge shoulders. No doubt this may be a homage. He comes with an oversize gun and a "buddy" who's actually a robotic bomb. The little fella is very cool, funny and scary at the same time. I love it. This may be the Panther and The Bat's worst enemy yet...See, this Joker is like Bat Attack Batman AND Panther Prowl Catwoman except for one thing...

"YOU KILLED CAPTAIN CLOWN!!! Never mind, who's up for laughing sardines? Tons of dead, laughing Gothamite sardines?"

Pressing the button on his butt will make his outer shell explode and reveal THE JOKER. As the description stated, the body was merely a robot...or a joke. A strong joke, mind you. The real deal is a skinny big headed clown holding onto a clock connected into clearly marked Smilex gas tanks. Sure he's kind of a McDonald's toy, but this one surely packs a punch, and let's not forget Batman Returns, McD and the freaked out parents...he he heee...

"Laughter is the best medicine to overdose on...haaaa hahahahahahaha!!!"

This is without a doubt the scariest Joker I own, not counting Heath Ledger's bazooka figure from the jail scene. It does feel kind of cheap though, but when did the Joker need ample articulation if all he needed was a funny yet scary gimmick? This is THE JOKER, for real guys. And it's a shame it's such an underrated figure, but he's one of my favorite Joker figures of all time. That's it for series 2 of LoTDK. Not a lot more to go with, but see, one of the best thing about it's line was its villain to bat-variant ratio. There's three bad guys left, and they are absolutely horrifying and excellent at the same time.

Panther Prowl Catwoman

Panther Prowl Catwoman

An expert cat burglar, Panther Prowl Catwoman is obsessed with robbing Gotham City of its most priceless jewels and artifacts. As she uses her feline stealth and dexterity to sneak into even the most heavily guarded buildings undetected, her Battle Stalker Panther scouts the perimeters and frightens off anyone who ventures near. When faced with immediate physical danger, her panther converts into an impenetrable "titanium" exoskeleton armor which Batman must overcome to halt her thieving rampage.

Another gem of the LoTDK line, this Catwoman's got serious power! Her sculpt, her whip, her robot Panther, this is one of my favorites of this line. What did I tell you about LoTDK villains?

How many diamonds did Catwoman have to steal to get herself an armor like that? Maybe she STOLE the Panther. Unlike Bat Attack Batman, Catwoman's Panther Armor covers her entire body.

I love how the armor attaches to her body. If anything she has 8 limbs. She can attack and shield herself from anything!

Her outfit is kinda nice. I love the cat ears, the colors, and while she does show some skin, it's nowhere as nice...I mean uncomfortable as Halle Berry's Catwoman...which wasn't bad...except for the open toes thing. Remember when she went into the museum? That outfit was a lot better. Still full tight leader would have been better IMHO. But the purples work well with the panther's copper. And why is her hair blue?

I love this Panther! It's also fully articulated! It's awesome!

Just like Bat Attack Batman, both the Bat drone and the robot Panther are the highlights in this set. I absolutely love them. Sorry I didn't get pictures of both fighting, but...eh. If I get a comment, I might!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bat Attack Batman

Bat Attack Batman

Bat Attack Batman uses his Neural Suit technology to create sonic surveillance armor equipped with hyper sensitive night vision equipment. This specialized armor allows him to spot evildoers in the pitch blackness as he soars over Gotham City on gigantic wings. While patrolling the streets for villains, the armor instanly converts into a fearsome robotic mission bat that takes flight and serves as a communique high overhead, swooping down with deadly, razor sharp talons to assist the Dark Knight in battle.

Series 2's only doozy was Glacier Shield Batman. Everything else was AMAZING, including this awesome figure.

The colors are weird. I'm not sure I'm a fan of his coloration. But as a figure he's very nice, standing in a mostly neutral pose except for his left arm. If this figure was mostly done in grays and blues he'd be perfect. But I'm not saying the paint is bad. It's just very strange...But the main gimmick of this figure is the armor which is actually a very Gothic looking bat drone!

This little guy is AWESOME! He's got articulated legs and ball jointed wings! He's very fun to play with.

It's a nice figure, but wait 'till you see Catwoman. She's even cooler. I love the idea of a bat drone attaching to the person neurally. Very cool concept. He can see everything that's happening wherever the drone goes in his own eyes. The drone's in very good colors, too.

"I'll be watching...from everywhere..."

Things got scary in Gotham. Might as well respond this way. I mean think about it. This figure is purple, green and white. What exactly does that remind you of?