Saturday, September 20, 2014

Twister Strike Scarecrow

Twister Strike Scarecrow

A nightmarish vision of evil with haunted, glowing eyes, Twister Strike Scarecrow rises like a hideous, ghostly apparition and launches his reign of terror. He clears a path of destruction with his deadly scythe slash attack that cuts down all who stand in his way -- all except for Batman, who stands determined to end the tyranny.

THIS IS SUCH A COOL SCARECROW. Definitely one of my favorites. Too bad the toy has drawbacks.

Not exactly the Scarebeast, but man this is an amazingly detailed mold. It's scary as hell, too.

His gimmick causes his drawback. Extend the arms outwards and twist the figure around the waist causing him to spin his scythe around. Why didn't the makes not make it so Scarecrow could move his arms up and down? That really kind of sucks.

The face sculpt is kinda cool, and he's got light piped eyes so his eyes will glow. This is a feature almost all Scarecrow figures have.

This is a very cool, dangerous looking figure and can be found cheaply online.

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