Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Spline Cape Batman

Spline Cape Batman

Danger approaches from all directions at once! Spline Cape Batman is more than prepared for the onslaught, as his Neural Suit technology goes into action with its spiked assault cape picking out each villain and striking with awesome accuracy. And if Batman is weakened in battle, the wing sections automatically form a protective shell, shielding the Dark Knight from harm.

I don't mean to be negative. There's no "bad" Batman figure (Badman?) out there, but this is my least favorite Batman figure, which is why I will not be getting his repaint Shatter Blade least not now.

He's not a bad lookin' figure. He looks cool, he's golden and has a lot of spiky bits, but HIS LEGS ARE TOO FAR APART. That makes him really hard to stand up. Figures who are posed like that are impossible to deal with.

If you haven't figured it out his gimmick is that he moves his 6 wings up and down. They sit on ball joints, but they don't move as they should with a ball joint. It's really lame. And he comes with two swords.

It's a nicely detailed figure, Maybe the repaint is better.

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