Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dark Warrior Batman

Dark Warrior Batman

For the record, Dark Warrior Batman IS my favorite LoB figure along with Flightpak Batman, Future Batman, Energy Surge Batman and Knightsend Batman. There's something about covered cowls that I really dig.

Also, upon reading the collector card, I realized that this figure, along with Cyborg, Energy Surge, Future and Flightpak, this is also a futuristic themed figure. It's intended to live in a sort of Mad Max-esque future, fighting off weirdos at Thunderdone while singing "The Bitch is Back". Eh...

One of the reasons I thought this was a sort of Middle Ages style Batman is because for some reason the armor reminded me of Gothic or Teutonic Knights somewhat, but that spot is taken by another figure whom I shall review later. And I mean, who uses those weird weapons anyways? He comes with a cat-woman-esque feature where you raise the right arm and let it go, delivering a smashing blow to his enemies with whip? Idk what that is meant to be. The Shield is a lot cooler though, and has some degree of battle damage.

Another cool thing about it is that you can store the weapon on its cape, though it's kind of difficult to pull off. That's what the groove near the weapon's hilt is for as it fits in that rectangular hole on its cape.

On his leg a molded dagger can be seen. Cool little details like those make these figures special.

"Let Tina know I'm gettin' my groove back!"

Easily my favorite despite the weird pose, the aesthetics of this figure really knock it out of the ballpark. It reminds me of Total Armor Batman from Mask of the Phantasm sumbline with the purple armor, covered cowl and shield. In fact, someday I'll take a picture of the two. BUT WAIT.


I happen to HAVE the WB repaint version!

THAT is how you get the part in.

If it weren't for that odd fuchsia that seems to be prevalent in other Batman figures (Something about that reddish fuchsia and black that looks so good, doesn't it?), this figure would be scary as HELL clad in full dark costume. In fact...

THIS setup looks A LOT BETTER. Maybe someday I'll pick up another one and finish the job. Anywho, next up is ANOTHER BONUS ROUND!

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