Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bat Attack Batman

Bat Attack Batman

Bat Attack Batman uses his Neural Suit technology to create sonic surveillance armor equipped with hyper sensitive night vision equipment. This specialized armor allows him to spot evildoers in the pitch blackness as he soars over Gotham City on gigantic wings. While patrolling the streets for villains, the armor instanly converts into a fearsome robotic mission bat that takes flight and serves as a communique high overhead, swooping down with deadly, razor sharp talons to assist the Dark Knight in battle.

Series 2's only doozy was Glacier Shield Batman. Everything else was AMAZING, including this awesome figure.

The colors are weird. I'm not sure I'm a fan of his coloration. But as a figure he's very nice, standing in a mostly neutral pose except for his left arm. If this figure was mostly done in grays and blues he'd be perfect. But I'm not saying the paint is bad. It's just very strange...But the main gimmick of this figure is the armor which is actually a very Gothic looking bat drone!

This little guy is AWESOME! He's got articulated legs and ball jointed wings! He's very fun to play with.

It's a nice figure, but wait 'till you see Catwoman. She's even cooler. I love the idea of a bat drone attaching to the person neurally. Very cool concept. He can see everything that's happening wherever the drone goes in his own eyes. The drone's in very good colors, too.

"I'll be watching...from everywhere..."

Things got scary in Gotham. Might as well respond this way. I mean think about it. This figure is purple, green and white. What exactly does that remind you of?

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