Thursday, September 25, 2014

Panther Prowl Catwoman

Panther Prowl Catwoman

An expert cat burglar, Panther Prowl Catwoman is obsessed with robbing Gotham City of its most priceless jewels and artifacts. As she uses her feline stealth and dexterity to sneak into even the most heavily guarded buildings undetected, her Battle Stalker Panther scouts the perimeters and frightens off anyone who ventures near. When faced with immediate physical danger, her panther converts into an impenetrable "titanium" exoskeleton armor which Batman must overcome to halt her thieving rampage.

Another gem of the LoTDK line, this Catwoman's got serious power! Her sculpt, her whip, her robot Panther, this is one of my favorites of this line. What did I tell you about LoTDK villains?

How many diamonds did Catwoman have to steal to get herself an armor like that? Maybe she STOLE the Panther. Unlike Bat Attack Batman, Catwoman's Panther Armor covers her entire body.

I love how the armor attaches to her body. If anything she has 8 limbs. She can attack and shield herself from anything!

Her outfit is kinda nice. I love the cat ears, the colors, and while she does show some skin, it's nowhere as nice...I mean uncomfortable as Halle Berry's Catwoman...which wasn't bad...except for the open toes thing. Remember when she went into the museum? That outfit was a lot better. Still full tight leader would have been better IMHO. But the purples work well with the panther's copper. And why is her hair blue?

I love this Panther! It's also fully articulated! It's awesome!

Just like Bat Attack Batman, both the Bat drone and the robot Panther are the highlights in this set. I absolutely love them. Sorry I didn't get pictures of both fighting, If I get a comment, I might!


  1. What's the size on this thing? Much bigger than 4.5 inches I assume.