Saturday, September 6, 2014

Crusader Robin

Crusader Robin

The infidels...they brought Robin together with Silver Knight Batman to restore peace in the Middle Ages. Ok. Anywho, Robin here is highly posed, the other Robin in the line. He's yet another ginger (like myself) and comes with a crossbow, shield, helmet and cape.

This figure is interesting because when you put the crossbow and shield on alternate arms, he's aiming each at a different 70-90 deg. angle (Don't ask me to measure it), so he's watching BOTH SIDES at all times. It's kind of nice. The action mechanism is similar to Longbow Batman. You line up the arrows into the hole of the crossbow, let the groove of every arrow fit on the plastic line, pull and let go. Unfortunately mine broke in half because it's old brittle plastic. So buyer beware! don't try this at home.

I really dig this figure despite its odd posing. The armor is very medieval and he looks great with Longbow and Silver Knight Batman(s). He comes with not one but three arrows, and I really dig the shield.

I also really like the fact that he can hold two of his arrows on the cape, which I was unaware of until this photoshoot. So here's a note to y'all: Sometimes Batmen come with features not included with the instructions. This line has the most offenders, so play around and find out all the features on your own. In the end: Colors are great, great figure, quite versatile despite it's odd posing. Stands up better than frickin' First Mate Robin or Nightwing!!!

Speaking of which, I left this review to the tail end because I had to acquire the VORPAL SWOOOORD for Silver Knight Batman. So I did acquire it, therefore the next review will be of the difficult to picture son of a female dog figure who continues to be a headache even today.

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