Monday, September 1, 2014

Pirate Batman Vs. Pirate Two Face

Pirate Batman Vs. Pirate Two Face

It's a Pirate's life for me! Today we begin a journey into the high seas, in a time where bandits ran amok, stealing and drinking lots of rum...and not taking a lot of showers. The Pirate edition figures came near the end of the line and even had an ad running on TV. I wish I could find it. All of the figures are new molds except for Pirate Batman, a re-deco of Power Guardian Batman...more on that later. We will pretend this time Pirate Batman is its own figure.

This is my favorite Two-Face of all time. It works him being a pirate because on one side he's a very good looking gentleman of the epoch in Captain's fatigues. The other half is a peg-legged swashbuckling monster of doom.

This figure is just awesome. The sword and hook hand is really cool. The hook can move sideways, and the sword spins with the thumbwheel on the back.

His right hand is sculpted as if he's supposed to be holding a weapon, or just flipping some scarred up doubloon. But lo and behold! That Playmobile pirate gun fits PERFECTLY in his hand! Definitely a keeper. I highly recommend this figure. Two-Face's had some great figures in the past, including the one where he's disguised as Batman and a similar color scheme. This one is definitely my favorite.

I'm gonna do a more in-depth review of this figure when I do Power Guardian Batman in a few days. I'll just comment on the colors and how they are different from Power Guardian's drag warm grey uniform. The light blue shirt vs the dark blue pants and the purplish mask and cape just works on this figure. I call it good taste. The lazy golden bat-symbol stamped on the figure's chest is lazy and is a trend in this line, but I'm sure there was a reason for it, and this is the only figure I think this works well on. He comes with cape and two rapiers, one which is more like a dagger. He spins them by moving the thumbwheel on its back, which is also a trend in this line if you haven't noticed. For such a posed bunch of figures they have more action features than most of Kenner's figures.

This is such a great set, I'd tell you to skip on Power Guardian Batman altogether and get this instead if you can. A little lame on accessories, but man, that two-face is just awesome, and this Batman mold looks better in those colors.

"You're in some deep barnacles, Bat-man!"

"Arrr! Did someone say BARNACLES?! WOAHAHAH!"

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