Monday, September 8, 2014

100th Edition Batman

100th Edition Batman

It is what it is. 100 Batman figures NOT counting the Toy Biz versions and miscounting at least 2 Batmen that don't exist. Yes, I did go through the list, and 2 of those figures are either unreleased or missing in action. Either way, it's a nice packaging, my apologies for the pictures, this figure pictures badly both in package and out of it. As do all shiny Batmen.

He's the shiniest one. Ok Silver Knight is the shiniest. But this is supposed to be The Batman. Blue cape, boots and gauntlets, silvery black rest of body. I don't like his face, I...don't like a lot about him, except that he's shiny. The pose doesn't help, but then again, this is the 90's. I found this figure 10 yrs ago at an antiques place after finding it impossible to acquire. Boy was I wrong. I even learned there's a weird gold Hong Kong version I'm not gonna review for the time being.

Base is the nicest thing. Originally he came in drilled to the base, but I liberated him, hoping he'd be the savior of Gotham. He's just the 100th edition Batman. Technically by the time I counted him, I counted all villains and Robin figures so I had 250 or so by the time I acquired him. Heck I got that 200th edition Batman Beyond figure before I acquired this. So I'm all mixed up on what MAKES a Batman figure. Is Batman just The Batman? Or can we add Robin(s)/Batgirl/Oracle, etc into the mix? Can I count an Alfred or Gordon figures into the mix? It's a question that this figure brought upon me, and it seems that the list written only acknowledges Kenner/Hasbro BATMAN figures. I'm not against that, as it provides a good record, As time has shown, there's up to 1k different Batman figures out there. Soooo...

Ah, yes, the figure itself. Um, it's an ok figure. Just average. His face looks like GHB loosely. It's kinda funny really. Batarang can't be removed, and the package very explicitly states that "figure is not to be used in the Batmobile", which is incidentally my next review.

At least he can move his limbs and his neck, unlike 200th Edition Batman. This is an interesting figure, very nice sculpt, love the black and blue chrome. Very interesting and cool. I sorta wish they still did that whole x00 edition Batman thing. My apologies for the bad pictures, but shiny figures are hard to picture.

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