Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dive Claw Robin

Dive Claw Batman

Dive Claw Robin locks onto Batman's Neural Suit technology, using it to turn his cape into enormous power glide wings that allow him to track down Gotham City's most horrific evildoers in relentless pursuit. When he's got them cornered, he launches a blast attack missile, sending it hurling with excessive force!

Yayyy! Package pics! I got this last week and it's my last LoTDK figure not counting Shatterblast Batman, the black version of the Dark Knight Detective and the Toyfare exclusives.

This is a very cool figure! I'm sort of ashamed it took me so long to get it! Also this is the brown hair version. There is a black hair version that is somewhat harder to find. The colors are cool, the details are nice, but the Robin "R" is missing on all figures. Why is this?

This figure's gimmick is reminiscent of the Batman Forever Blast Cape Batman who will be reviewed in the future. The figure IS the launcher, and launches a funky looking drone claw missile from his back. He also boasts a deadly looking blade.

The missile fires when the levers on his belt are pulled. That's all he comes with.

That's what he looks like without the cape. I say it looks horrific yet cool.

I love this figure. The colors are excellent and blend nicely unless the previous figures I mentioned. He's also quite neutral pose-wise and that is always a + in my book. The other Robin figure in the line is also an amazing figure.

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