Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jungle Rage Robin

Jungle Rage Robin

A nameless rogue villain is holding some of Gotham City's most notable citizens in the jungle rainforest arboretum of Gotham Park. Robin is on the scene and the Responsive Camouflage technology of his Neural Suit immediately adapts to his environment, turning him into a fearsome jungle stealth warrior. He becomes almost impossible to see when draped in his cloak, an invisible force able to sneak up on any villain hidden within the jungle.

My favorite figure of the line, this is an amazing figure whose sculpt is absolutely amazing. The weapons are cool and the cape...well one thing at a time.

It's not just sentimentality that makes me like Bat Attack Batman, The Penguin and this figure the most. My Godfather got them to me, and when I was living in Venezuela, only wave 1 and 2 made it there, so these figures were quite special.

This figure's large camo colored cape is the best accessory ever. I love the colors and I love how it covers the entire figure. It's really cool.

He comes with two very strange weapons, one is a sniper rifle/bug killer and the other is some sort of...I don't know. I also really love his mask.

Obviously nameless rogue is Poison Ivy, but it's a shame why they didn't make Poison Ivy into a super scary figure. This is my favorite figure of the entire line, therefore I highly recommend it.

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