Sunday, July 31, 2016

DC Comics Multiverse San Diego Comic Con SDCC Exclusive Suicide Squad The Joker and Panda Man

DC Multiverse SDCC Exclusive The Joker and Panda Man

Oh boy, this year's Mattel SDCC Exclusive! This might be the very first review on it. Living on the West Coast does have its perks...I can't wait to show you all my toys! We're gonna have so much fun together...

A box within a box! This is the first box, which can be easily cut. It has the big Suicide Squad logo in front and the rest has very little stuff, like most exclusives. Boooring. Let's break out the CEREAL KILLERS!

The Joker O's! Perfect for your murderous morning of madness! Every bite is absolutely explosive! This is cereally killing me!

There's nothing to be gained per serving except a suit of cards! There is no nutritional value here! Zip! Nada! Nope! None! Eat cards, you #@%!^#41!!!!!

This cereal killer is so un-nutritional, it's listed on the side of the box. There's some honesty among cereal killers and Pandapipo. The ingredients are as follows: Evil Grin, Laughing Gas (Smilexxxxx), advanced weaponry (oooh my!), flocked fur, panda hugs and gold teeth. This is a recipe for disaster. It may content the 3 m's, and contents promise to be unsettling. Woahahahaha!

Yummy nitrition! OH wait we have a game to play!

I'm sure as hell not a morning person. This is the cereal for the Owlman. I remember the cereal mazes as a kid. Bah. I've always loved the back of cereal boxes 'till sports and stuff took over. Y'know, normal people stuff. BORING. Breaking Joker out of Belle Reve seems like the sound idea for the Nite-Owl who wants his killer breakfast.

It's ok. Still safe.

What's inside? Oh why if it isn't your spoonful of mayhem!

My nads are FLOCKED! Feel up my felt!

It even opens up like a cereal box, complete with tab!

The honesty is hilarious. It does come with a cardboard Batman mask one can wear at their leisure.

Mask: Check. Bling: Check. Automatic: Check. Base: Check. Clown...guy: Check. Pandaman: Check. This has everything.

Boy do I love SDCC. The cosplayers, the toys...THE TOYS!!!! They should do a whole line for Joker's henchmen as seen in the Suicide Squad trailers. I mean...Pandaman! A play on the word Pandemonium (I hope)!!! Let's see Pandaman.

Mmm...such soft fur. So fuzzy. He's your best friend forever! And he's armed, too! The white parts are not "flocked", nor are the hands. What were you expecting? Hairy knuckles too?!

Panda Man is articulated enough to cause some mayhem.

Who needs Dennis The Menace when you got the Ace of Knaves on your...not side?

The Clown Prince of Crime is outfitted with Batman themed tights (probably acquired at Hot Topic), a champion short that says HAHA on the buckle (he acquired those after gassing out Hot Topic), and boots. Oh, he is shirtless, has all his tattoos and...What is The Joker without a purple coat?

Can't rely on anyone these days...gotta do eeeeverything myself...

Why so SERIOUS?!

Oh yeah! The base! The base is awesome. It's a knife that cuts through a Batarang shaped in 90's Batman symbol imagery. The back even has a slot so you can hang it on your favorite, bats and blood splattered wall! It also has many pegs, so you can pose Joker killing Batman (or Panda Man) in any way you want.

Just 5 days left...for Suicide Squad. All joking left aside, I love this set. I loved the cereal box, and the figures. Mattel really outdid themselves with this exclusive set. I pre-ordered a month ago, and I'm glad I waited. These should be available everywhere now! I highly recommend this set. It's not often that we get a Joker henchman, and all Joker variants are awesome.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

DC Direct New 52 Suicide Squad Deadshot

DCD new 52 Deadshot

The new 52 Suicide Squad figures are a part of this DC direct bunch of figures all fitting certain brackets: Super Villains, New 52, etc... I love the packages for these figures, but the Suicide Squad ones are especially cool as they got three bullet holes, possibly made by Deadshot. The line is comprised so far of Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and Deadshot!

I don't know how ANYONE can fit into this costume, but ok. It looks extremely uncomfortable. Reminds me of a certain movie. Figure comes only with a rifle.

I love how well detailed this figure is. Typical DCD quality level detail. The colors are awesome. The rifle is my favorite thing, as I'm going to let other Deadshot figures use it! I wish his left hand was open though. Guess Deadshot is a leftie like me.

Mattel's Suicide Squad Deadshot figure has better articulation than this. Deadshot has plenty of articulation, but he has no rotational thighs or arms. Mine has this issue where the right leg can never stand parallel with the other as it leans slightly to the right. It's annoying. But hey, for the level of detail plus the included rifle, that isn't really a problem.

DCD always has the best detailed figures, at the expense of articulation. Deadshot's costume though...anyone wearing that is choking inside...Is Deadshot choking due to some actual emotional problem? Read New 52 Suicide Squad and find out!

Friday, July 29, 2016

DC Comics Multiverse Toys R' Us Exclusive Suicide Squad The Joker

DC Multiverse Toys R' Us Suicide Squad The Joker

The Joker, played by Accomplished actor, band musician, Oscar winner and absolute douchebag Jared Leto. From what I've seen in the trailers, this Joker has divided us all. The tattoos bother some people, myself included, but he does have a Red Dragon tattoo while he was employed by Simon Hurt to screw with Batman (pre-52, I read all of this ha ha ha ha hooohohohahaa). This Joker has too many unnecessary tattoos, and we're wondering where they are going with this...Is Leto trying to be a mix of pre-52, The Dark Knight Returns or/and more? See how he doesn't have a permanent grin or all that smiling crap used on Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson? I'm going to pretend this is the TDKReturns Joker for now. Either way, I can tell you the years have not been kind, reader!!!!

Sheesh! This is the most serious Joker ever! I don't have the DCD TDKReturns Joker figures, so all my Jokers are naturally smiling, with colors so natural, only your undertaker knows! *ahem* He comes with Jacket Croc's arms. I like it how the back of the package shows all three Harley figures and their code numbers. This is one of three Suicide Squad Joker figures, one which is an SDCC exclusive; tonight's review! Oh and the main line Joker, which I have not seen in stores as of this writing. The one I call "Pajama Joker".

This is a different kind of Joker figure. Serious, has a silver jacket, a purple shirt, and black pants. You can see all the tattoos inside his shirt though, so the coat bit and the arms are unique to this figure...and the legs are too, apparently. I love it when Mattel doesn't take the super-quick road! These figures are all brand new sculpts and I appreciate them for it. This Joker, however, seems more evil than all my other Jokers...The Dark Knight's Joker had "war paint". This seems a bit scarier...

Joker comes with a holster, and a...what does he come with? What is the other tool/weapon? I couldn't figure it out. Guess in one week we will find out and this post will be edited accordingly.

Articulation is usual for Multiverse figures. But dang, this Joker scares me even more than the Endgame Joker from Multiverse whose accessory has a peeled face. This Joker is NOT laughing...Ok his hand is laughing. Anyways, before I add the next couple of pictures, I have to add the following message: Emperor Dinobot does not condone abuse to women. Emperor Dinobot finds the whole Joker/Harley relationship reprehensible WHILE noting that Harley is a strong female character that has beaten all the odds. Harley made her choice, and I made mine, based on what I've seen from Suicide Squad's teasers and what not...


Puddin' ain't so sweet no more.

That was just acting and she hit the fridge door...or something. NYeahhahaha! HahahahahahaHohohohahahah! She's perfectly fine and SHE WILL KILL YOU AND SO WILL I HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAANANEHEHWBNANAHA!