Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DC Comics Multiverse Batman: Zero Year Batman

DC Multiverse Zero Year Batman

While the Multiverse Batman Versus Superman figures were shipping out, the DC Multiverse figures rolled out five figures from various media, each one containing a piece for Greg Capullo's JUSTICE BUSTER! We will be focusing merely on the Batman themed figures, which are Zero Year Batman, Endgame Joker and of course, the Justice Buster. I am super thankful to Mattel for giving us Earth 52 Superman, CW Flash, Reverse Flash and Arrow! DC Collectibles made those but I don't live near any comic book shops, and I sort of like getting that stuff online. I only collect Batman stuff, so I'll probably just keep the non-Batman figures just because they provided me with Justice Buster parts.

I have to admit to the fact that I have not read ANY of Capullo's Batman stories. I quit reading comics after the new 52. I'm still stuck in the old universe, unable to move on. I've watched all the movies, and that's how I've kept track of stories involving the court of Owls, Damien Wayne being a thing and so forth. As you can see, Zero Year Batman comes with one of the parts of the Justice Buster. Zero year is such a complex storyline I just can't seem to get into it. I cannot find any fully collected editions at the book stores, and I don't know where it begins, where it ends...etc. It sure does look interesting.

This is a really cool figure, despite the proportions being off. DC Collectibles made a prettier figure, but it is less durable than this one. They both cost exactly the same, and yet this one is better quality. Now, let's discuss quality. When I mention "quality", I actually mean durability. You want a Batman figure that you can play with and use to beat up your enemies. The DC Collectibles one cannot achieve this, and we will review it immediately after this.

While the human figure proportions are wayyyy off (the legs are too short, the arms are weird, the head is too big and the T-crotch, while better than the BvS Batman figure, looks kinda weird...), the figure is highly articulated, only less so than the DC Collectibles one. The paint is nice and so is the detailing, but the proportions may turn some collectors off.

It took me a while to figure it out, but the figure's holster does have a gun! I thought it was just molded in! I found it a week after I bought it and I'm both embarrassed yet relieved!

The Mattel Multiverse figures are on their way out as of this writing, so if you see one, get it! I highly recommend them, but mostly because the Justice Buster is AWESOME. We'll look at that later on, but first, let's play a game of "WHO WORE IT BETTER?!"

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