Sunday, July 24, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes 75 years of Super Powers Ravager

DCU IH Ravager

I am taking this moment to show you what the typical packaging for a 3 figure pack looked like. They were cool and with many angles. In Infinite Hero fashion they have the tech specs on the back. But we're here to really talk about Ravager!

I love the art inside the carton inserts! I just love it! The DCU Infinite Heroes! Ravager was available in this three pack with Robin, who has already been reviewed, and Doctor Light (the bad one), who will not be reviewed. Just pretend he's a cool figure for Raven to scare to death. This pack, like all 75 years of Super Power figures comes with a pin, this one featuring Doctor Light.

Rose Wilson is Slade Wilson's daughter. She is his ally until she joins the Teen Titans. I'm not sure of her entire history, but if I reviewed Slade, I just HAD to review her. Robin, which we reviewed before, came in this 3 pack or in a 6 pack with other Titans.

These three figures come with no accessories, and Rose is holding the The Dark Knight's Deathstroke sword, which I also used to picture her father with. Rose Wilson may be the most articulated female figure in this line, as she has ball jointed hips, knees and ankles. The hip ball joints on mine never seem to work though. There go my complaints about female action figures and the "v crotch" issue. She still has a v-crotch but she can do more poses with it than Batwoman or Catwoman can in this line. Once again, her elbows do not articulate.

This is my first and only Ravager figure. I'm not a fan or follower of the character. All I know is that she took the name to preserve her brother's legacy, the first Ravager, so this is technically Ravager II, oh, and that she is a part of the Teen Titans, much to her fathers chagrin.

While I only collect Batman related figures, the Bandai Teen Titans line did not provide us with a Dr. Light figure...So this 3 pack serves to give us a 3.75 inch tall Dr. Light figure that fits very well with the Bandai Teen Titans line, which I will review someday. Doctor Light too is semi-super articulated, which is cool. Both figures are more articulated than Robin, who just has a t-crotch plus.

This is my final Infinite Heroes review. I hope you enjoyed them. There is one more figure I could review...

Robin from Earth 2!!!!!

But mine broke! So let me give you the lowdown really quick. He's super articulated, has a new face sculpt, but the cape is Batman's cape turned yellow. Awesome figure. Sadly mine is broken, and like Ravager, he is one of the more expensive figures, so good luck! The next couple of reviews will move Mattel into present months! Thanks for reading!

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