Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Comissioner Gordon & Gotham City SWAT 3 figure pack!

DCU IH Comissioner Gordon and Gotham City SWAT 3 pack

This line has shortcomings...But they were the first to introduce Gotham City Cops and the third time Commissioner Gordon has been made available in plastic form! For those of you who are Gothamites, this is your chance to army-build some generic SWAT figures or police figures in the 3.75 scale! But let's look at Gordon, shall we?

Perhaps my favorite figure in the line, this is one of the best plastic representations of Gordon in plastic form. I liked the armored version from Dark Victory, but this shows him as a plainclothes commander, complete with trenchcoat. I really do wish he came with a gun!

So I gave him one from some...3.75 inch tall figure.

The figure can hold down a pose, but it's nothing special. It is different from all the others though! Completely new mold!


"Batman we need you help with a case!"


"That's quiet, even for you! What's wrong?"

"The shades. Take them off. It's nighttime"

Maybe the Batsignal's too bright or something.

Aside from Gordon this is the first time we've got Gotham City Police Department figures represented in any way or form! While they are not very articulate due to their hard plastic tunics, these are awesome! I love them! Finally, The Batman is not alone! I liked them so much I went ahead and bought several!

I really wish I could have them kneel over and stuff! They are really stiff! But they come with a polise baton and an automatic gun. Funny story, too! I bought four of these used, so as it is customary, I went ahead and washed them. Two of their batons fell down the drain! Boy was I angry. Be careful with their weapons! They are quite small! The baton can be attached to the officer's belt, which is really cool.

I think it's awesome that Infinite Heroes went the extra mile to give us GCPD SWAT figures so that we can take pictures like these. Don't forget that the only hero in Gotham ISN'T Batman, but the men in blue who work to protect Gotham City day and night. GCPD SWAT figures were available in a three pack with Gordon or in the six pack with Croc and Catwoman...speaking of which...

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