Saturday, July 23, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Series 1 Figure 45 S.W.A.T. Gordon

DCU Infinite Heroes SWAT Gordon

One of my favorite Infinite Hero figures, despite the fact that this is just a head-swap and a repaint. This isn't the first S.W.A.T. Gordon I review though! I did review the S.W.A.T. Gordon from Batman: Dark Victory a couple of months back, which was absolutely accurate to the pages in that excellent book. This one is a bit more...neutral...but it fits very well with the rest of the Gothamites in this line!

A headwwap and a repaint. That's all this figure is...except it's GCPD Commissioner Jim Gordon. By itself this figure is rather lame, and I admit that. At least he's better armed than the single Gordon figure! But let me show you the real purpose this figure serves.

You know how the back of the package says Gordon is a "hero"? I believe he is. This figure is more Gordon than the other one, because he's in uniform along with the rest of the S.W.A.T. and he is willing to go into hell with them, even if some of them may or may not be enemies. Gordon is a man who is willing to get into the front-lines and fight for Justice and The American Way. Gotham is a ruin, and he is one of a few characters who never lost hope despite horrifying circumstances. Jim Gordon is more of a hero than Batman. Hell, he WAS Batman for a little bit in the Greg Capullo series. I haven't read those yet, but I will. Now, the figure is a bit rare and is more common in Europe than in North America...figure that. Mattel pulling our legs once again. I think both Gordon figures are necessary to complete your Gotham based Infinite Heroes collection. I lucked out on this one, and I have no regrets. Any time Jim Gordon is represented in action figure form is a blessing.

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