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DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad Deadshot

DC Multiverse Suicide Squad Deadshot

Before I begin reviewing the figures, I have to add the following: SUICIDE SQUAD!!!! WOOO!!!! I'm super excited for the movie, and while the hype has been massive, I hope the movie does not disappoint. Now, you know how Mattel likes to screw with collectors, with Build a figure type gimmicks? The game just got serious with these figures, and with upcoming Multiverse figures. The Collect and Connect figure in this line is Killer Croc (or just Croc), and he will be available in two versions, so if you want both versions, you have to buy every single variant, some which are exclusive to Toys R Us, Walmart, and even Amazon! Anyways, enjoy these spoiler free figure reviews, and don't forget Suicide Squad comes out next week!

The Multiverse packages have not changed...they likely won't change for a while. They have become quite recognizable. They are MISB collector friendly AND loose collector friendly (unlike DC Direct...)

Personally I think that Will Smith is PERFECT to play Deadshot, despite the fact that in the comics, Floyd Lawton has been historically white. Will Smith, however, can play a charismatic, suave anti-Batman, reminiscent of the character shown in the Gotham Knights short. He comes with one of Croc's arms, but it's the non-jacket version. Deadshot is part of the main line, and the main line figures will allow you to build the shirtless Croc, while the store exclusives will allow you to build the jacket version.

The figure comes with two heads: the helmet version and the Will Smith head. He also comes with a gun. This is a brand new sculpt and it is a fantastic sculpt. Mine's legs are a little loose though. The knee pads are separate pieces that aren't glued on, so try not to take those off. Let's get that helmet on!

At least these figures have accessories now. They should have included an eye piece for the Will Smith head, or even a rifle...But with wrist mounted machine guns, who needs a rifle? Also, I apologize for the pictures. The details on the helmet are hard to see due to The Flash...

The figure has the standard super articulation most Multiverse figures have and looks good everywhere. There's some writing on his neck but unfortunately for my figure it's been sort of rubbed off. It seems to be John 14:6 but changed, where Jesus sayeth "I am the way and the light." Here, it's "I am the light - the way." I've seen the same writing on his rifle (rifle not included) on some of the trailers. Unfortunately, quality control failed here...and I haven't seen other Deadshots yet. I chose this particular figure due to his mean demeanor. No 2 figure is IDENTICAL and I have grown to bee a bit obsessive compulsive over these things...ugh.

He comes with a small gun which fits in his holster, and I prefer to leave it there. I do appreciate the fact that it's a two-toned gun with gold bits.

The world's best assassin (second to David Cain) needs a rifle to take down some really bad guys, so I've armed him with the New 52 Suicide Squad Deadshot's rifle, whose review will be forthcoming...I think they go together. I just wish Mattel had made a rifle for the figure.

Potential Spoiler: Why is Floyd Lawton in Belle Reve? Is his backstory going to match his New 52 backstory? Find out in one week! The interesting thing about Suicide Squad's figures is that I am gonna have to buy all of them, even if some of them are non-Batman characters. I know this *isn't* a Batman movie, but you will be seeing reviews of Rick Flagg, Captain Boomerang and Katana. While Flagg and Boomerang aren't Batman family characters, Katana sort of is, due to her appearance in Beware The Batman, and since she has been a part of The Outsiders, a team which is usually led by Batman. Anyways, I can't wait and this is driving me craaazy. Speaking of craaazy...

One. More. WEEEEEK!

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