Sunday, July 10, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Series 1 Figure 13 Batwoman

DCU IH Batwoman

Batwoman is a character I have never been a fan of. She is rehashed from a character that was created waaaayyy back in the day, and while she is a bad-ass I don't consider her a part of the bat-family. She just hijacked the Bat-mantle...because it's Gotham! What is it about Gotham? Is it the water?

This is the first Batwoman figure. There are at least two more out there that I know of. This is one of the few comic book characters that represent their LGBTQIA++ readers, and this is where we should take notice. Some see it as a gimmick to attract readers. But I see it like a move in a modern direction. We sometimes forget that those who take up the mantle and become superheroes also have private lives. They have feelings and love people. While Kathy Kane is a total bad-ass, she has a soft spot for people like the New Question: Renee Montoya. This was 4-6 years ago as of this writing. I don't know what Batwoman is up to after the new 52. I do love her costume though. It's vintage yet modern and can be scary too.

The problem with Infinite Hero female figures is this outdated "V" crotch. I think the "V" crotch is sexist, and by the time this figure was released, other female figures already had super articulation on their hips. It just doesn't look natural. I first noticed this back in 1992 with the Batman Returns Catwoman. I felt like she moved in a way that was not natural. The "v" crotch has hurt the female figures in this line and Batwoman is no exception. She is constrained and unable to show just how strong and agile she is in this form. Thankfully as of the time of this writing the problem has been...uh...mostly corrected. (the "V" crotch has crossed over into all manner of characters...) I still feel that in a line that is trying to pioneer super articulation in DC figures at the 3.75 inch scale manages to fail at it. Baroness from GiJoe in 1986 has better articulation. Also she doesn't have elbow articulation while every other figure in the line does...Ugh.

At this point I don't know what the line is trying to achieve. They released a ton of figures. While Batwoman is an excellent, welcome addition...when it comes to Gothamites they only released Batmans, one Robin, Nightwing in two costumes and Batwoman, which was available as a single or in a 3 pack with Robin and Nightwing in the brown-red suit. I also don't get why their female figures are so limited in articulation, and most importantly: Why didn't they release Batgirl? This following picture feels like a weird Batfamily...

Is this the Bat-family we deserve or the one we were being sold at the time? I no longer know what's up or what's down. Thankfully we got the next review.

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