Sunday, July 10, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Hush (Tommy Elliot and ???)

DCU IH Hush Tommy Elliot and ???

The story of Hush is often a convoluted one. Hush is one of the worst supervillains Batman has ever faced. Thomas Elliot was Bruce Wayne's childhood friend, but he was a sociopath who killed his family to inherit their fortune. He is aware of who Batman is and his entire life has been one big revenge scheme upon Bruce Wayne and Batman. The second Hush figure ever, this was available in two different variants...but first we'll look at Tommy Elliot.

The original figure did not come with guns, but the person I bought this from has very generously provided me with two guns in perfect scale.

Hush is as articulated as the rest Infinite Heroes figures. The Mattel Multiverse line brought us another 3.75 inch tall Hush figure that is a little bit more articulated than this one. We'll look at that later.

Probably Hush's worst crime wasn't reviving ??? from the grave. It was stealing Selina Kyle's heart. But back to ???...

Jason Todd's re-appearance was Hush unmasked. Except it was not as it appeared. Elliot knew Batman so well he knew this was his greatest tragedy, and brought Clayface and Riddler into it...So Clayface played one of his best roles ever: Jason Todd AS Hush. Jason Todd Hush was available in a six pack with several Gotham related figures.

Identical to Hush except that is has a marked off "R". It still makes for a good Jason Todd figure. I wish they had given us a Red Hood figure but the line took off in a different direction by the time Jason Todd was actually revealed.

"I just love seeing the whole family together!"

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