Sunday, July 24, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes 75 years Deathstroke Slade Wilson

DCU Infinite Heroes Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is more of a Batman family bad guy than he is an enemy of the Teen Titans, it seems. This is why we will include him and all of his action figures from now on. Ever since his appearance on Batman Arkham Origins, he's gotten himself a place within Batman's Gallery of Rogues.

Sadly, this figure comes with no weapons or accessories except for a Slade unmasked pin that I do not have as I bought it loose. I gave him The Dark Knight Deathstroke's sword, which he can pick up perfectly. See why Slade is now more of a Batman bad guy? He was even featured in Mattel's TDK line, albeit at 5 inches tall. That particular figure is my Slade of Slades, but more on that sometime this year or the next.

Some of the figures in the tail end of the Infinite Heroes line boasted impressive amounts of articulation, and I am glad that they chose Deathstroke to be one of the recipients to this treatment. Now, I also hear that there is a variant to this figure, one with painted "chain mail armor" effects upon the silver parts of the body. It seems to be harder to find, and not a priority as of this writing. If I ever find it, I will let you know!

One of my favorite Infinite Hero figures, Deathstroke is highly recommended. It's sad that he comes with no weapons, but he is highly detailed, highly articulated and makes a nice villain for your Infinite Heroes Gothamite collection.

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