Sunday, July 3, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Series 1 Figure 22 Scarecrow

DCU IH Scarecrow

Heavily based on the Hush and Super Friends costume, this is one of my favorite Scarecrow figures. This is THE Scarecrow. It can't get any truer than this. It is easy to acquire and most people just pass on it, but this is the quintessential Scarecrow toy, though it is a bit small for most of what our collection entails. At 3.5 inches tall, this version of Scarecrow is better than the one I reviewed a few weeks back from the Gotham Knights version, though that one just happens to be based on that particular movie design.

Once again, Infinite Hero figures are totally devoid of accessories. I would have liked to see a mini skull or a scythe. There isn't much else to say about it really except's the Scarecrow. I really like the big hat. One of the things I didn't like about Nolan's Scarecrow is that he never wore a hat. Scarecrow needs his hat, regardless of iteration.

Scarecrow is articulated enough to pull off the whole "violent dances" that he employs to scare his victims. And the figure pulls them off really well!

Probably one of the reasons why I like this Scarecrow is because most other Scarecrow figures feature less than 8 points of articulation, making them really stiff figures. Most people think of The Scarecrow as a really stiff villain, but he's actually quite agile! This is one of the first figures depicting him with super articulation. The 2004 one though, which will be reviewed eventually, is even better. But aesthetically, this is one of the best Scarecrows out there.

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