Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DC Universe 75 Years of Super Powers Infinite Heroes Two-Face

DCU 75 anniv. IH Two Face

From the 75 Years of Super Powers series, Two-Face re-appears in his original colors, featuring the brown half suit, and the pin striped top and black pants with purple face on the "Evil" side. I think he'll help me introduce the few Infinite Hero figures that are a part of Batman's Rogues' Gallery!

A figure sporting this exact outfit was made in the late 80's by Toy Biz, so this is definitely not the first "Original Two-Face" figure ever made. It is, however, a welcome addition to Infinite Heroes as Two-Face is one of Batman's main villains. he's got ball jointed shoulders and...not much else. Also, this figure is devoid of accessories. Couldn't Mattel give him a gun or an oversized coin? He did include a pin button though. I do not own this button sadly as I bought him loose. Oh well. I've equipped him with a gun made for 3.75 inch figures from the well armed Chap Mei lines of military and police figures. If you gotta arm your bad guys, Chap Mei toys always have plenty of realistic guns for them.

Turns out all I had to do was reach into my pocket and pull a Quarter Dollar out so he can carry out his choices on whether to do a misdeed or to follow the law. This is not the only Two Face figure available in this scale. There was a Pocket Heroes Two Face I believe, one for the recent Mattel Multiverse Arkham line and a Dark Knight one. I think this is the best one in my opinion, as it brings a classic character back to his original glory! It is not rare by any means, and I highly recommend it.

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