Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Brown and Red Nightwing

DCU IH Brown and Red Nightwing.

This version of Nightwing reminds me of the New 52 Nightwing when he switched to the Red and Black outfit. I don't ever remember seeing this outfit in the pre-52 continuity...Maybe I haven't been reading all the right books. This figure was only available in two different packs; a 3 pack with Robin and Batwoman and I think he was also in a 6 pack, but I'm not sure. This is a very hard to find figure!

I apologize for the picture quality, too. For some reason they came out blurrier than usual. The camera tended to focus on the background instead of the figure for some reason. Anyways, the elbows are ball jointed, as are the knees and ankles. It's annoying because the hips aren't ball jointed or on a double swivel t-crotch, so the extra articulation is actually kind of useless. At least the proportions are correct and he doesn't have the huge hands and feet. The costume features the weird neck mask that cuts off on the hair. I think that's a horrid design. Then again those Robins have always had perfect hair forever...

Wow. This picture came along horrible. Moving on...

While the proportions are better, I still prefer the black and blue Nightwing. I don't know why this figure was not made with ball jointed hips like Batman. It really would have made a difference. The only novelty it carries is that it's rare.

The Dynamic Duo! The brown and red does make Nightwing look like an actual Robin, so that's pretty cool.

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