Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Series 1 Figure 21 Nightwing

DCU IH Nightwing

Ah I finally got my first MISB Infinite Hero figure! Man I really like the plastic blister! It says "an army of heroes within your grasp!" and the blister is molded after a hand! That, of course, alludes to the fact that these figures fit in anyone's palm. Most figures were posed awkwardly during the first series. They were straightened out in later lines, but it gives them a dynamic look. It is a very eye-catching package. Too bad I never saw a single one in the wild. These came out when there was a sort of "Bat-Embargo" going on at Walmart. My hometown has a Walmart and a Shopko, but that's it. I would have to go to a comic book shop to find these.

The back shows a comic style rendering of the character and specs on every one of them. The specs were presumably written by the "monitors" which are explained on the top to see every event that happens on the multiverse. That sort of makes us, the audience, the monitors since we control the destinies of these toys...And y'all just broke the 4th wall with me *mic drop*.

Whew, I'm glad they didn't do the Disco outfit. This is the outfit Nightwing is most famous for, with the blue symbol and black outfit.

Nightwing features the same proportion as most figures in the first series; big fists and big feet. He can stand up on his own, unlike our favorite caped crusader. I wish he came with his sticks, but he comes with no accessories.

Nightwing can pull off a lot of cool poses, and I really like his bright blue Nightwing symbol. Other figures from the same epoch use less bright, darker yet shiny colors. Nightwing has had sooo many costume changes, I'm kind of glad they went with the whole blue arm stripe scheme.

The first Robin is ready for action just like the old times.

Back to back! Nightwing was available by himself, but I think he was also available in one of the many multi-packs released along the line's duration. This is a really cool Nightwing for this scale though. I bought is mint for $27 shipped, and I was lucky. I had been hunting for it for some time, so good luck! This is, however, NOT the only Nightwing in this line...

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