Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis Robin

DCU IH Robin

Robin is the smallest Infinite Hero figure! Well I think The Brain is the smallest IH figure, but he doesn't count since he's just...a brain on a pedestal. Anyways, this figure was available in a Teen Titans 6 pack, the 3 pack with Batwoman and Nightwing, as well as the 3 pack with Rose Wilson and Dr. Light. We will review Rose Wilson later on. Still, he is easier to find than say...the other figures mentioned, though not at a cheap price. I myself have one for sale on ebay.

Featuring his post 2007 outfit, heavily influenced by Batman & Robin and The New Batman Adventures, this is a really cool version of Tim Drake: Boy Wonder. The smartest Teen Titan of all second to Cyborg...who cheats, Robin here can pull off many poses. For such a tiny figure, Tim is very versatile and colorful!

As usual, Infinite Hero figures rarely come with any weapons, and Robin could have used his bo staff or something.

The new Dynamic Duo!

Brothers in Robinhood! Someone is...missing from this picture though. And it's not Batgirl...because they didn't make Batgirl for this line. We'll take a look at that kid later.

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