Friday, October 31, 2014

Tide Racer Robin

Tide Racer Robin

BONUS ROUND! Tide Racer Robin is exactly as the figure above (below?) except with a much fancier color scheme! It's far superior, at least in my opinion. This, Bruce and Riddler were distributed exclusively at Target and the packaging was modified featuring a cheap photo of the movie poster instead of the fancy art packages usually came with. And there you have it. Clear and concise. Enjoy the pictures.

With its original paint:

They're practically twins!

They're both nice, but the Tide Racer Robin has superior coloration, hands down.

Hydro Claw Robin

Hydro Claw Robin

A highly underrated entry, this figure is found very cheaply on the bay. It's a nice figure actually, but it was a shelfwarmer. Water types are always shelfwarmers unless you're in a Spiderman line.

Highly underrated and heavily armed, this figure is VERY detailed! And very fun, despite some minor issues :)

The tubes connecting the backpack and the mask are really hard. The mask forms a very tight fit on the figure's head so removing it is an absolute nightmare. I'm afraid it'll cut off his nose.

I don't get how the backpack helps the figure swim. It doesn't really have a pump or thrusters...Is he supposed to just glide around in the high seas? Is the claw for towing itself into that part in the movie when the Batboat got destroyed and he ended up in the water being saved by Batman from evil divers? Yeah.

That was the most ridiculous part of the movie, and this figure exists to commemorate that. Still a cool figure. So cool it had a repaint made! A Target Exclusive! Next post BONUS ROUND?! You bet!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Street Racer Batman

Street Racer Batman

Recovering from the disappointment of Recon Hunter Batman comes Street Racer Batman: one of my personal favorites of the line.

I call it the "pre-Batpod"! This is probably one of my favorite figures out of the entire Kenner era and the best variant out of this line in my opinion. The launchers can pivot up and down and fire an oddly shaped missile. The treads are rubberized and it can roll nicely along any surface.

The way it opens is certainly odd, but what you gonna do about it brah? The interior has a nice detailed sticker.

The idea of a Batman figure posed with open palms is certainly odd, especially when their use is to grab the handles loosely. The figure's sculpt however is top notch, detailed and far less bland than Recon Hunter Batman who pales in comparison with some of the figures in this line. That's one thing I've probably neglected to say about this line, but the figures themselves are VERY detailed and have nice paint apps and details generally. As for the batpod, I love the clear glass cockpit.

Well that's it for Batmen. Next we will look at the Robins of this line. No I haven't forgotten the Quick Change Batman or its Target exclusive repaint. Robins are going to be another slight speed-run as we have a lot of ground to cover! We're not even at #100 yet! Sheesh, how many Batman figures do I have anyways? Stay tuned to find out!

Recon Hunter Batman

Recon Hunter Batman

Out of the two vehicle figures, this is the weirder one. I don't even know what this is supposed to be. A Jetpack? A tiny Batwing? Whatever it is, it's always nice to have Batman figures that fly.

The clear purple vehicle is...strange. The wings can move but not very much and the rocket launchers can pivot 360 degrees. That's about all it does.

The purple figure is bland as heck, but at least it comes with a large cloth cape. The vehicle can be opened and he will stand comfortable inside it holding onto the handles.

Here's an alternate position...Looks better IMHO, don't you think so? Anyways sorry for the short review, but there isn't much I can say about this toy. I really have mixed feelings about it. It's nice though and it has nice details right down to the rockets, but really what is that supposed to be? I don't see myself fighting in a combat suit that looks like a YuGiOh character. Ever.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Laser Disc Batman

Laser Disc Batman

The second rarest figure of this line, I didn't get to find out about it 'till 2005. First off, Laser Disc Batman is an awful name: typing it on Ebay only brings up DVD's of the movie. Anyways let's see what this bag of surprises holds.

So you may have noticed that huge backpack and his huge clear weapon. Everything is activated by pushing and twisting the button on the back.

Twisting the button to the sides causes the laser side guns to collapse. Now he's ready for action! His weapon is a standard disc shooter that carries up to three discs. This clear Batman and his weapon exist to focus and refract the lightshow hidden within the backpack. But wait! here's a twist! Twisting the dial while lighting up will not only reveal one but the FOUR PRIMARY COLORS: Magenta, Cyan, yellow and white.

It is very hard to photograph. I did what I could!

The figure is cast in a clear glass color, hastily painted in red. He's got a hole in his back that serves to channel the light into his magnifying chest emblem and into the clear weapon which refracts the light show. Personally I think that this figure is a cool concept but somehow executed hastily. I've studied light movement and I have ideas on how to make this figure better and brighter. But oh well, who am I to judge the neon era of the Batman series?

This is a fun, unconventional figure. My only gripe is that his launcher falls off his hands rather easily due to the tiny pegs. Good luck finding this figure though. As it was the final figure of the line I never saw it in any adverts and it was a mystery to me until I found a loose one at a Goodwill store several years back. This is the final figure of the line, but we're far from over. Next up are the two vehicles with figures, then Robins, villains and accessories. Stay tuned!