Sunday, October 26, 2014

Power Beacon Batman

Power Beacon Batman

As we continue this speedrun through Batman Forever, we look at the real use for those clear outfits: LIGHT!

Clad in full black, the figure's cape is actually a battery and light bulb backpack that clips onto his waist. The Flashfire gun channels the light when the button is pressed as seen in the following pictures.

That is not a prop, it's my hand. The figure's chest has a sort of spot for the weapon to be placed on. I think it's pretty cool actually.

I wonder if the flash makes a difference. Anyways the figure's bulb fits on the hole in its back. This is my second favorite figure of the line. The light feature works very well.

Like Solar Shield and Night Flight Batmen, this figure is a retooled version of the same mold that uses the sonar suit in its most accurate forme. Now we'll be looking at the other Deluxe figures from the line. Stay tuned for some more light shows!

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