Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knight Star Batmobile

Knight Star Batmobile

This piece of crap needs no introduction. While it's nice to have some neon Batmen once in a while, this is the worst thing ever. Not only it mocks a good mold (For more detailed review see Legends of Batman Batmobile), but IT CAN'T FIT THE FIGURES FROM THE LINE.

The worst thing about this mold is that it doesn't sit Batmen that have posed legs. I might have to recant that statement later on and I think with a little work you can push in a Power Kick Batman, but remember how it wouldn't fit Knightsend Batman? Well, let's try something similar:

NOPE! Your princess is in another castle.

Other than being a f*cking eye-sore, this hunk of plastic is nothing but a waste of space. It might be worth mentioning that the decals are different than LoB Batmobile's decals, but that is its other difference. I think y'all should avoid this one.

Final thoughts: Knight Force Ninjas is a very fun, dynamic line for kids, at least back in the day. I don't know if anyone has seen those hideous Mattel Evergreen line figures that have no articulation and just exist to take up shelf space and be annoying. THIS is what they should have done in the first place. Figures with no articulation are useless and don't sell well. This line may have been a hit or miss with collectors, but it's FAR SUPERIOR THAN ANYTHING BEING OFFERED the kids market, that is. This is back when toys used to be fun and when Batman had a presence in toy shelves, not those sorry excuses for figures that Mattel makes.

Next up I'm gonna be tying up some loose ends, some transitional reviews, and then we will be looking at a certain movie line...Thanks for watching and I'll see you back in 1995!

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