Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knight Blade Batman

Knight Blade Batman

The Riddler is driving a criminal band of combat experts to eliminate the Dark Knight, but Batman is on a quest o dismantle the evil establishment form the top down. A master combatant, Knight Blade Batman’s swordfighting skills are certain to leave The Riddler perplexed and beaten.

YAYYY! In package pics! I only very recently got this awesome figure. Arguably the rarest one in the entire line and very last one out, it's taken me several years to get this. Finally I found one under $20 and since nobody is really looking for these figures it was an opportunity to be seized. As you can see that's the wave 2 packaging and they no longer use lenticular cards on the outer insert. Every figure had a cool scene on the back as I explained on Power Kick Batman's review.

This is a very cool figure clad in classic Batman colors, but he's wearing a harness and has a bunch of interesting weapons. This is the closest second to Power Kick Batman that you'll get for a normal Batman in this line.The figure's action is relatively simple: The peg on the left arm twists the wrist, not unlike Legends of the Dark Knight's Penguin. Really the simplest figure in the line.

While his legs are already posed, his arms have a lot of free range movement thanks to ball joints and bicep cuts. His waist also rotates 360 degrees. This allows him to use all his weapons freely and make some cool poses.

All the weapons have pegs and can be stored on the figure's wings, and the dagger can be stored on the back of the figure's belt.

"Come at me, bro"

A pleasant surprise, the final figure of this line turned out to be one of my favorites. Again, this figure is rather rare, so if you find one under $20, kudos to you! I've reviewed every figure of this line except for the Karate Fighters Batman vs Joker. I will not be reviewing that as I don't consider them to be actual "figures" as is my definition. Next up and final KFN review is probably the lowest point of the line: The Batmobile.

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