Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fist Fury Batman

First Fury Batman battle story for this one. Why is that? That is because he came in both wave 1 and wave 2 packaging and I could not secure access to a wave 2 packaging in my research. The battle story is the exact same one used for the wave 1 figures. This is one weird figure, but it's also a very interesting one.

As you can see, he's clad in neon yellow, has bare arms, a covered helmet and 5 Carmine red weapons he uses to spin around when the thumb-wheel on the back is turned.

The weapons are also very strange and serve a variety of different purposes and can be held in different ways. But that's not all...It gets more interesting.

The football armor is removable and underneath we have what may be the only bare-chested Batman figure ever.

Raising the arms above his head makes the spinning action more effective.

All 5 weapons can be stored on the back as shown in the picture.

This is not the strangest figure in the line. When we cross that bridge I will let you know. It is certainly very creative and interesting. I've never been a fan of spinny wrist features because it hurts my thumb to pull it off and it doesn't always work well, but it works just fine with this figure.

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