Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Multi-Blast Batman

Multi-Blast Batman

An evil underworld of street fighters is wreaking havoc on Gotham City. In order to combat this criminal crew, Batman cloaks himself in a suit of ultra armor infused with mystical energy. Armed from cape to toe, Multi-Blast Batman packs a lethal power in his hyper-fast punches and kicks. His fists and feet are certifiable weapons, and with them he belts out combat combinations to defeat the legion of vile villains and save the city!

Wow. How very lethal. The most exaggerated Batman EVER, Multi-Blast Batman is a certifiable puppet of the 90's Batstravaganza.

Probably not as exaggerated as the upcoming Square Enix Batman that I hope to never review, this figure is still a fun figure. He's chock-full of details, has shiny armor and can be very fun to play with. Pushing the buttons on his back will make him punch and kick any opponents! Also, the ring on the center can be pulled out so the figure can spin around slicing all sorts of villains in his way!

He also comes with a gun, a baton/dagger thing and a very long sword that he can use to deliver a justice salad. The dagger/baton thing can be placed on the peg in his boot and he can kick around with it.

I probably should have reviewed this massive figure at the end of my KFN reviews, but he is just too much fun. Weird, but fun.

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