Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tornado Blast The Riddler

Tornado Blast Riddler

While Batman struggles to defeat the evil gang of street fighters, one of his greatest enemies is ready to join the contest. Outfitting himself in a techno-power battle suit, The Riddler has a few new tricks hidden up his sleeves…

Kind of an annoying figure, he can be fun too. Nygma has never been physically stronger, and these weapons are for a full on assault on Batman.

This Riddler is obviously on venom, the tubes say it all. He's also go tons of weapons: A claw, a saw with two molded grenades, and his trademark staff...which is also a rifle. Somebody's been trading clues and games for really dangerous stuff!

The tubes are annoying. He's got several holes all over so you can place the tubes in any way you want, but it's best to just...remove them. His action feature is activated by pushing the button on his mechanical arm, which causes the wrist to spin around.

"Riddle me this, Batman! Guess who is the NRA's newest member??!"

"Guns are the weapons of the enemy. We will not be using them, right Robin?"

"Yeah, we'll stab you to death instead with all manners of pointy things!"

Justice is served...with green eggs and poultry.

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