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A former small-time thug came into contact with a secret pool of protoplasmic liquid, this unknown criminal became the infamous Clayface. It did not take long for Clayface to discover that he possessed the ability to reshape his face and body into anyone he wished to impersonate. One of Batman's most dangerous enemies, it is almost impossible to know when or where Clayface might strike. He often dons a supportive battle-suit to help sustain his structure when in clay form, galvanizing him as one of Gotham City's most menacing threats.

An amalgamation of all the Clayfaces but with some strong Preston Payne influences, this is my other favorite figure of the line. If you were wondering, please look closer at the pictures. Those are his four faces. And that's his gimmick!

Aside from the Toyfare exclusives repaints, this line suffered from 4 Internet Exclusives. I was 9 and I was using the Internet, but I was in another country so all I could do was drool for this. The other four were The Dark Knight Detective, a repaint of that, and Shatterblade Batman which will not be reviewed for the time being as it's a repaint of my least favorite figure of all time. For more information see Spline Cape Batman. Either way this Clayface is my favorite clayface, even though he's kind of wearing a suit. The sculpt is A++. Absolutely amazing. Spin the dial so he can make all sorts of grimaces and angry emotions! The arms are dangerous as hell, too. Probably gonna fall off the list once I acquire the Arkham City one if it EVER comes out...It's gonna be huge and I have no idea where to put it, but hey, he's Clayface, he can be anyone!

This line's villains were the hghlight, and Clayface does not disappoint. Between Manbat and...damn it. I love all of the villains in this line, despite some of them having issues such as Penguin's non-articulated legs; Joker suffering from the same problem, and Scarecrow not being able to move his arms unless he looks like the real deal, this line's McFarlenesque sculpts are not a disappointment, especially when it comes to bad guys. If you dislike the variants themselves, do yourselves a favor and track down all the villains as they are nightmarish as the "story" states. Clayface is as nightmarish as it gets.

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