Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blast Cape Batman

Blast Cape Batman

Another crazy cool Pre-sonar suit figure, he's got some interesting features not seen before...

This figure has one of the biggest "come at me brah" dispositions I've ever seen. He's literally itching for a fight. But why would he want his front attacked if he's just gonna shoot his cape out?

Right he's got these detachable blades that can um...kill people.

He can trap the corpse afterwards with his cape...or just cover it in standard procedure methods. I like the tube sculpt on the back of the figure. Yes, pressing the rods on the figure's waist will fire the cape outwards. Maybe he's attacking a dude in front but this bigger dude sneaks up behind him? Poom! Winner? Batman.

Where have I seen this action feature before... Oh yeah, Dive Claw Robin from the LoTDK line, albeit more subtle as he shot up some sort of drone bird missile. This was the predecessor of that action feature. Other Kenner figures probably had this interesting patent design, but Blast Cape Batman remains unique! Cool sculpt, an interesting mix of colors and I apologized the kind of chewed blade. Yes I was 6 but damn chewing on plastic is STILL fun. So my apologies.

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