Friday, October 31, 2014

Hydro Claw Robin

Hydro Claw Robin

A highly underrated entry, this figure is found very cheaply on the bay. It's a nice figure actually, but it was a shelfwarmer. Water types are always shelfwarmers unless you're in a Spiderman line.

Highly underrated and heavily armed, this figure is VERY detailed! And very fun, despite some minor issues :)

The tubes connecting the backpack and the mask are really hard. The mask forms a very tight fit on the figure's head so removing it is an absolute nightmare. I'm afraid it'll cut off his nose.

I don't get how the backpack helps the figure swim. It doesn't really have a pump or thrusters...Is he supposed to just glide around in the high seas? Is the claw for towing itself into that part in the movie when the Batboat got destroyed and he ended up in the water being saved by Batman from evil divers? Yeah.

That was the most ridiculous part of the movie, and this figure exists to commemorate that. Still a cool figure. So cool it had a repaint made! A Target Exclusive! Next post BONUS ROUND?! You bet!

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