Thursday, October 30, 2014

Street Racer Batman

Street Racer Batman

Recovering from the disappointment of Recon Hunter Batman comes Street Racer Batman: one of my personal favorites of the line.

I call it the "pre-Batpod"! This is probably one of my favorite figures out of the entire Kenner era and the best variant out of this line in my opinion. The launchers can pivot up and down and fire an oddly shaped missile. The treads are rubberized and it can roll nicely along any surface.

The way it opens is certainly odd, but what you gonna do about it brah? The interior has a nice detailed sticker.

The idea of a Batman figure posed with open palms is certainly odd, especially when their use is to grab the handles loosely. The figure's sculpt however is top notch, detailed and far less bland than Recon Hunter Batman who pales in comparison with some of the figures in this line. That's one thing I've probably neglected to say about this line, but the figures themselves are VERY detailed and have nice paint apps and details generally. As for the batpod, I love the clear glass cockpit.

Well that's it for Batmen. Next we will look at the Robins of this line. No I haven't forgotten the Quick Change Batman or its Target exclusive repaint. Robins are going to be another slight speed-run as we have a lot of ground to cover! We're not even at #100 yet! Sheesh, how many Batman figures do I have anyways? Stay tuned to find out!

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