Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Batman Ally Azrael

Batman Ally Azrael

As the battle against the criminal marital artists intensifies, Batman calls on his mighty ally Azrael to join the Knight Force Ninjas team. Azrael, Gotham City’s “avenging angel”, packs a powerful uppercut punch to help Batman crush crime!

This is the first Azrael figure that is not dressed as Batman, which is another "first" in this line! This figure is overrated and people tend to compare it with modern figures unfairly.

Squeezing the legs will cause the figure to move along its torso and lift the right arm up. He comes with a dangerous looking drone. When he strikes the drone it splits open. The drone has two articulated arms.

I am a huge fan of this figure. The detail is very nice, and the costume is straight out of the comics. For some reason the flash in my camera has made these KFN figures come out a lot brighter than what they really are.

He comes with a fire sword and a lighting claw thing. The cape is also removable.

While he isn't as articulated as the earlier wave, he's still an awesome figure to have. Highly reccomended.

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