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The beautiful, red-haired daughter of Gotham City's Police Commissioner, Barbara Gordon leads an arcane double life: high school student by day, Batgirl by night! A hand-to-hand combat expert, she has managed to tap into Batman's Neural Suit technology, making her crimefighting abilities doubly dangerous to Gotham City's more sinister criminal element. Donning a powerful set of wings, Batgirl swoops over the city like a bird of prey hunting for justice.

*whistles* woo wee! This babe of a doll is the sexiest Batgirl figure one had seen up until then! This is way better than Alicia Silverstone's Blonde Batgirl. I also love how the intro mentions that she is "like a bird of prey" in an obvious nod!

Let's be honest. This isn't a crime-fighting outfit. A bikini with bat-wings? It's a Halloween costume. But damn, she looks good in it. The sculpt is top notch, and she comes with a huge set of wings whose wingspan rivals Manbat's wingspan!

The wings move up and down with gears, so both wings will come up or down at the same time. She also comes with a long Batarang.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but when it comes to playability...not her strongest suit (when viewed from a certain point of view ;)). I think it's an excellent figure, but I'm rather conservative when it comes to non-powered superheroes, and especially Batgirl. I would not want my daughter or sister to go after The Joker, The Penguin or ANYBODY dressed like that. What's she gonna do? sexy them to death? Get into a mudfight with Catwoman? While that last one would be nice, I dislike objectifying Batgirl. She's one of the smartest DC characters and I think more Batgirl figures should focus on that. But hey, it's the 90's.

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