Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thunder Kick Batman

Thunder Kick Batman

Defending Gotham City just got a lot tougher! Outfitting himself in a techno-power battle suit, The Riddler has a few new tricks up his sleeves. But Thunder Kick Batman has the martial arts skills to solve The Riddler's problems!

Miss me? Sorry I've been away for four days. School was killing me! Anyhow, let me begin with a quick note about the second wave of KFN. The first wave only had the standard story on the back as seen in Power Kick Batman, and Croc's unique story, but now every figure has a different battle story!

Boy this is a cool figure! Never mind the contrasting blues and neon yellows, but he has a ton of weapons! He comes with this neon yellow pedestal thing where all his weapons are stored. He can also kick it around but that would be counter productive. Let me show you all the different weapons:

He's got ball jointed elbows, cut biceps and elbows. I was disappointed about the legs not having knee joints. His action gimmick is that when his waist is spun clockwise, once the button on the back is pushed, he will spin kick counter-clockwise.

This is one angry looking Batman. It has the most personality out of all the figures in the line and it is very fun to play with.

One of my favorites from this line, this is a fun figure that should not be missed!

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