Sunday, October 5, 2014

Karate Chop Batman

Karate Chop Batman

I got this figure on a really bad day, so I'm fond of it. I was in the hospital, but I had visitors and my grandma with me, so it was A ok. I use my figures as memory vases sometimes, helping me remember stuff and events.

Enough sentimentalism. This is a really cool figure. He's got multiple points of articulation, is colorful and very fun!

The action feature is triggered when you press his legs together: his chopping arm (open palm) will swing down while the other one goes up. The grey table is there for the sole purpose of breaking it. It's spring loaded so you can always put it back together.

Figure comes with spinning staff, sword, table and cloth cape. Man I love cloth capes, they are the best.

There is a hole on the back where weapons can be stored. That's a nice additional detail.

This is one of my favorites from this line. It's an extremely fun figure with tons of details. I love it.

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