Thursday, October 23, 2014

Neon Armor Batman

Neon Armor Batman

The "noblest" of all my Batman figures, for some reason this buff figure would always end up sacrificing himself during playtime. This is what I remember him for most. Part of the "New York Triumvirate" along with Batarang Batman and Ice Blade Batman, this is my favorite of the three as I'm a sucker for snap on armor!

I was going to do this review differently, doing the armored up version first and de-armored version second, but I think the pictures help tell the story better this way. As you can see he's got clear green snap on armor and a dark clear blue and black underneath. Light passing through looks wonderful and "neon!" hence the name.

I think this is one of the coolest figures in the line.

Figure comes with a large plastic cape with two pegs that attaches to the back (therefore obscuring the light through feature), a design that became common with plastic capes. Remember the loose fitting plastic capes in Legends of Batman and so forth? The two pegs/two scapula holes design keeps capes in place, but they are not easy to play with. Figure comes with 5 pieces of green armor and a rope gun and hook that doesn't really fire. I remember being disappointed at this... Combat Belt Batman had it, why not this?

Besides he can only use the weapon on his right arm. Psshhh. Either way, this "noble figure" saved the entire collection over and over again. I'm silly to the point where I remember all my stories and all my playtime with these figures, especially back when I had 30 or so of them at this point. Nowdays I've got multiples of 30, but this was back in a more innocent time, where wars were fought for honor and not for space. I was 8 and Power Rangers was trying to corrupt my Bat-influence, but had it not been for the Bat-triumvirate, I would not have the collection I have now. These three stand tall and strong, pillars of my Batman collection. Sadly, Neon Armor Batman, like Ice Blade Batman were given hideous useless repaints in B&R but we will talk about that later. For now, let's talk more Batman Forever!!!!

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