Monday, October 20, 2014

Sonar Sensor Batman

Sonar Sensor Batman

Wait...before I intro Sonar Sensor Batman, I ought to introduce Batman Forever...Yeah let's do that.

Flash backward to 1995. I was still traumatized from Batman a good way. Sprinkle in some Batman The Animated Series and a healthy mixture of the two is what I still perceive Batman to be. But then this gem came along. This movie is underrated. Remember, you wanna hate on B&R, not B4ever. This was a fun Batman movie with excellent choreography and good acting. Yes, it was campy, but it got worse later so just...let it be. Anywho, the figures themselves were pretty excellent...for the most part. They didn't give us a movie accurate Pre-Sonar Suit Batman, or a Chase Meridian. To this point I think all Batman lines had at least ONE female figure. Sorry, this is an all male line. It's so masculine even the Batboat looks like a... More on that later.

Developed exclusively for Batman's ultimate showdown with Two-Face and The Riddler, the scientifically advanced Body Adaptive Techsuit-code name B.A.T.-actually senses and assesses danger, instantly providing from within the weaponry which Batman needs for each threat. It's not just a B.A.T.'s an automatic crimefighting arsenal!

Well that explains all those new toys. Toys like The Batcave, a rehash of the Batman Returns Batcave, but all new molds! In fact, every figure is unique and different from one another unlike previous lines like Batman Returns who used the same figure over and over, as well as BTAS. This line also continued the whole beautiful cardboard artwork that early 90's toys had like Batman Returns and Jurassic Park. It was awesome art, but it was coming to an end once Batman Forever was done. I will someday update all entries with in package pics. Anyyways, Sonar Sensor Batman!

The figure appears first in most early cards. I remember when I got this I was surprised with the plastic cape. WTF man? That's not very flexible. Still proved to be a fun figure with an awesome sculpt and Val Kilmer face!

I also felt the disc shooter was a bit over sized and hard to attach to his arms as the arm attachments bend super easily. This is as close as we're gonna get to a pre-sonar suit movie accurate Batman.

The pink weapons are unsightly, but I always thought that it was clever that the shield's Batdisc also could become a disc for the disc launcher. Also, this figure has a special gimmick. The button on his waist activates the "sonar sensor" shoulder weapon which I actually always felt was some sort of Gundam shoulder mounted vulcan gun. Meh. Most Pre-Sonar suit figures have some sort of built in gimmick as you will soon discover.

This is my Captain America Batman. I was never impressed by it though, still am not impressed by it, but I did take into account that maybe it was not impressive because it was something totally new. I was used to all those standard Batman Returns or BTAS molds, but this offered something new. Batman Forever was going to change things, and it did. It really did. It set the tone for most of the second half of the 90's and this figure symbolizes those changes.

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