Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Long Halloween/Dark Victory The Scarecrow

The Long Halloween/Dark Victory The Scarecrow

I apologize for my hiatus. I AM procrastinating as I write this and probably should get back to my uh...well I was not doing anything anyways. I'm sorry if I let you all on that I was going to do BTAS, but I recently acquired a Long Halloween/Dark Victory complete set...well Gordon I had to acquire separately, but Tim Sale's art is masterfully brought to life through these figures. I'm a huge fan of this artwork and of the story. It's been a few years since I last read it and I don't...remember all the details. Maybe I can squeeze it in between assignments and stuff.

If you've followed this blog, you know I've reviewed several Scarecrow figures. The only Scarecrow figures I haven't reviewed are the Nolanverse ones, or the animated ones. Actually I think I've just done Twister Strike Scarecrow from LoTDK. Anyways, this is probably my favorite Scarecrow figure of all time. It's a shame that I don't remember his role in the story, which puts re-reading TLH and DV on top of my list. Do I even have Dark Victory? I'd have to check. It's very stylized and it moves its knees, shins, forearms, hips, elbows and head.

That doll is potentially dangerous. But he can hold it, though it falls off easily. That seems to be a trend with all these figures, never being able to hold on to their items properly. Whatever, it's still an extremely detailed figure and it's scary as hell.

They aren't hard to find! Who knows when you'll get another review! Count yourselves lucky! Robin, on the other hand, is gonna have some nightmares tonight. Peace!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Batman Movie Collection Batman vs Riddler

Batman Movie Collection Batman vs Riddler

Some time around '97 and '98, Batman Movie Collection vs. packs were released. They did one for Batman and Batman Returns. Here we'll take a look at Batman Forever. Since these are just repaints, I will not say much about them.

It's what it is. Batman's done in a bit of a blue rust and Riddler looks like a clown in those big yellow shoes.

Batman is the same mold as the Challengers of the Night Batman, no change here. The plastic seems to be made out of a different tougher plastic.

Riddler is actually a repaint of Talking Riddler as he's got the same head, but has the Two Face and Riddler's cane. I think he looks hideous. But that's that. This is the only movie collection pack that I own. The other two have proven to be rather elusive.

Mr. Freeze's Ice Fortress & Cryo-Freeze Chamber

Mr. Freeze's Ice Fortress & Cryo-Freeze Chamber

So our young heroes Lt. Matt Kowalski, G and Clueless have arrived at Freeze's base after 43 minutes since initially firing the freeze telescope. This is going to be a two part review to save time and fun with all this junk. So B&R's point was to sell toys, right? They've done a...good job so far, but probably the best thing they did aside from the vehicles were these two playsets. They also rehashed the Wayne Manor in cold colors, but...let's talk about that later. We musn't keep our heroes waiting! Even if half or more of Gotham is already dead!

Freeze mines, gun emplacements? A hardy FACADE?! How facetious! The Ice Fortress is practically an ice wall with several gun turrets and several fun add-ons.

The Cryo-Lab is something else. God I love Kenner/Hasbro playsets. They are just so fun and detailed! This was a good time for playsets. Remember the Dino-Damage Medical Center? I'll review that on my dinosaur based website should I ever have time to start it...But yeah, uh the Cryo Playset is a very cool addition to the line no pun intended. So cool it's been repainted twice to my knowledge. I'm not sure if it's an original mold or whether it was born in this line. I don't really know much about these two, to be completely honest.

I'm pretty sure this is an ambush but our heroes have Clueless with them so...then again one's a great surgeon, the other one's a great climber and the other one's an activist. I'm sure she'll have a nice talk with Ivy.

It's not like we can Bat Rope up the windows like back in the '66 show, can we? No, we got to use our Nth Bat used them so much throughout the film (more than ten different ones in the final battle) that we are out. Damn it, Chris O' Donnell, can't you climb up this peak? No, he says...

Yer kidding me, right? This is straight out of a videogame. Look around and you'll find the tool you need. Cue in Zelda Treasure Jingle. The Fortress actually came with this, which is a BTAS CS Air Attack Batman Armor, which will be reviewed a month or so from now. Anyways, it's cool that they gave Batman an add-on!

Who needs a lift? And Cher, where did you find that Knightquest Batman Flamethrower? Oh, it was conveniently placed next to the Flight gear. I swear, some villains just want to be caught. Wait, wasn't that Batman Forever? Whatever. Burn, baby, burn!

6 Freeze mines. Guns everywhere pointing towards our next gen toytastic vehicles. This is hell! A Freezer! Only four discs? Master Yoda, you disappoint m....wrong movie. The discs all have Freeze bat symbols printed on them meaning they are more than just generic freeze discs that activate upon impact. They fire just like they do on say...Infrared Batman and so forth, but there's no cover on top.

These missile turrets clearly need to be plugged on somewhere, but either A. I was too dumb to find where they go or B. This set is incomplete. So they just hang loose. If anyone has this set, please send me a message about it. I got both of these for $26 shipped and loose. All 4 ice grenades were included however, so...who knows. Here's where you, my readers, take notice on my mistakes and help me fix them! Hooray!

Bane is ready with weapons included on the Cryo-Freeze chamber. These weapons are clearly to be held by him as the pegs are too big for normal B&R figures...then again... Here's something I just found out. This playset was supposed to be used for a GiJoe EXTREME Arctic Outpost. Sadly, it was scrapped, but I just found this information out like 5 minutes ago. That explains why the weapon pegs look so familiar! I know more than I should about the GiJoe EXTREME line. I've had two Skystalker jets on my possession. Sold them both, and am selling Bane's mercenaries AKA GiJoe figures online. Some rare stuff there. Type GiJoe EXTREME lot on ebay and you'll find them. Anyways, 1997. Golden age of action figures at its absolute peak. Too bad N64 and Playstation and Pokemon fucked that shit up in 1998. But whatever. Bane's here to protect/ambush/die for the cause.

Anyone who attacks this facetious lie up front and up to 60 degrees on every side (yes I did the math, that's how nerdy I am) is sure to be met up with a cold casket, but there's ways to avoid them...but then...

Ivy got out of her flower? And the captain of the Hockey Team from Hell is there too? Forstbite, he calls himself. Dangerous! So the sides are covered too! We'll have to be careful...

Shiny George cometh! He'll take care of this cold anarchic character (His real name is Lonnie Machin according to my eyepiece), and dang, dangerous...Hey whatever happened to Elle MacPherson? Why didn't she make it into action figure? Dang, Georgie boy had absolutely no chemistry with this...what is she up to nowdays anyways? I'm too tired to do the research.

Don't worry. Clueless here has a State Of The Art Disruptor, which Amal found in her bathtub. She's just working on those freeze grenades in case the incompetent GCPD shows up with their snipers and scary take down mission guys from...another world. BATMAN GOT MARRIED?! WTF?!?

I don't know Jeep Swenson, nor do I know his career, nor do I know his personal life. I don't follow wrestling. My dad did, as a kid. All of you professional wrestlers out there. Watch out for your health. Don't do drugs. Get buffed up naturally so y'all can get hired by supervillains (or become superheroes) and thwart the efforts of superheroes (or supervillains). Jeep Swenson, RIP and some of us love your portrayal as BANE. One of Batman's most formidable foes, reduced to bodyguards in both films that featured the character. (Don't tell me that TDKR Bane was the bodyguard AKA UBU AKA....wbhgewbi). Still, good casting, wish they had kept Jeep until the next movie. Heck, I wish they had given him his own movie. BATGIRL WATCH OUT!

holy crap, our mountain climber found a hook like weapon. Bane, you are out of the game. Sorry. Now you're just that Antonio Diego (Diego is a Spanish first name, so this dude must be Phillipino as they use normal Spanish first names as last names often...Diego will never be found as a last name...So therefore this Bane is Asian and not Latino)...semantics aside, Dr. Woodrue f'd up, so did anyone who tried to experiment on you. Deep down you know who broke the Bat. Antonio Diego, Philippine warrior, rise up and...try to survive this.

So he's out...

"Kid, go back to school, he's a 25k scholarship, non sports. I'll be watching you"

And to think I broke it off with a supermodel just for you?!!

Hey, you got some paint over in your face...

Hey! why don't you go somewhere and do Kill Bill or something?!


A bitter harvest cometh!

No matter, the final boss remaineth. I'lljust toss these color changing crystals...

I've never personally tested the mechanism, but the pump is supposed to make the water bubble here. The crystals I've tested in all manners of temperatures, and by this time...they do not work. The claw holds a crystal perfectly though.

It also works as a capture claw...

Why would Freeze take a bath now?!


While we don't have a million, these rings better serve a purpose...

The heat is on, Freeze

Here's a hot bath, looks like you need one anyways...

He's out. But first, let's take the cure out to MyCocaine (Michael Caine), and see if we can get him from leaving the Manor in TDKR...

Oh no! we gotta save Robin with these useless rings!

Hey, i dunno if you know this, but I love you Barbara Wilson NOT clueless!

Smooch smooch.

D'aww, so the stupid useless extra characters love each other. Woo wee. Let's see how Freeze is doing...

I think we killed him. Damn it we need to save him so we can do Batman Triumphant...

Mischief managed! I guess this is it for B&R. They eventually re-released the ever elusive triple-jet thing that I don't yet own, and a Wayne Manor first used in Batman Returns. I do not have either of these so this is it for B&R. I hope you enjoyed these reviews. But now it's time for a transition. BTAS you say? Long Halloween? HOW ABOUT BOTH?! B&R was the end of the Burton-Schumacher era. Batman movie sat in development hell forever. But all for the better good, yes? 2005 came and we were all rescued. Anyways, BTAS...Or rather, some transitional pieces. Thanks for watching! I think we're gonna need a bigger cave.