Sunday, January 4, 2015

Challengers of the Night: Batman & Robin

Challengers of the Night: Batman & Robin

Finally! a two-pack with The Batman and Robin! This pack I had never heard of until my darling mother brought it from overseas on a Mother's day trip, along with Flghtpak Batman and some The Lost World crackling candy. I'm forever grateful. Ah, good memories, getting presents from those you love. But anyways, this is an odd yet rightful pair. Since Batman Forever, there had been no Two-pack Batman & Robin (unless you count pre 1985 stuff...), but here you see both the stuff of nightmares and the stuff of awesomeness. Shall we proceed?

Well? What did you expect? They come with a rubber net, as if that dreadful movie hadn't been rubbery nipple'd enough. The net is kind of cool, as are their weapons. Batman has a movie accurate laser gun and robin has...the same? Or maybe that's the actual net launcher? Whatever, they both have their final battle outfits and are completely new molds, clad in shiny armor. I absolutely love them. This is as movie accurate as it's going to get, or is it?

This is a great, rare lot, but I don't think I'd recommend it as much as I would the next review....But here's some issues you need to watch before we tread on. The Robin on this issue is a new mold, so is Batman, but the Robin was never re-painted, even though he was the most accurate mold to the "ice outfit"... So therefore...Well, you'll just have to sit down and wait a day...or two. Or several :) Good luck finding this online! This is the rarest Batman & Robin toy after all!

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  1. I have this pack, it was everywhere in the UK. The Batman isn't screen accurate as his ice suit was basically the sonar Suit with added silver bits. Wonder if the figure reresented an early version of the ice suit before it went into production. Maybe using the sonar suit cut costs or something?