Monday, January 5, 2015

Batgirl's Icestrike Cycle

Batgirl's Icestrike Cycle

The only other variant of Batgirl, this one ALSO does not come in screen accurate clothes. But the Bike is pretty accurate.

The bike has nice detailing, well sculpted and has a variety of features such as rubber tires, movable wing-shields, an ice sled and mounted on disc shooter. Very well equipped, this bike.

Batgirl herself feels like a retool, but it's a very nicely detailed variant. Now, you get Guardians of Gotham, a screen accurate Bathammer, Batbike and even Batblade, but why not include a screen accurate Batgirl?!!? Seems to me like there's more to the show than meets the eye with our female stars when it comes to a toy like linked to a movie that's designed to sell toys...Still, a nice figure, better than what we got on screen anyways.

This Batgirl is the "ice bat from hell". Every bit of this set is sharp. She will cut you, man. She's one tough biker. And the girl of Robin's dreams.

Sorry for not taking 360 degree shots, but here you kind of get the idea, and what they did to the original mold.

Original Batgirl rides this bike better anyways. Sorry for the super succinct review, but I wanna review other figures. This is a nice bike though, but hard to find, so good luck to all completists out there. I really wish someone would make me a custom semi movie accurate ice-suit Batgirl sometime down the road...It would complement the Guardians set much better... This line man, this line. Then again, when is a movie line ever accurate anyways? It's just a general complaint, thrown out on the review of an awesome set. Shame! But the Redbird, which comes up next, is again, an amazing toy that falls short of expectations...

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