Monday, January 5, 2015



A controversial Batmobile, this roadster is the longest Batmobile ever made for a movie. It's also interesting to note that it doesn't have a covered cockpit. It's still a nice toy that represents the movie's Batmobile well.

My grievances are as follows: The side stickers peel off too easily, and it's too bland overall. The movie version had more neon! I want more neon! No, just kidding. Maybe this is better.

Pushing the rear buttom makes these sharp edges pop out to presumably cut some vines, and makes the nose missile fires, which in my opinion is another annoyance as this extremely lame feature takes away from movie accuracy. I would have preferred a featureless yet accurate Batmobile with light up parts, but they saved that up for the Bathammer, I presume...

I'm not saying this is a bad toy, it's just that it is REALLY BORING. I have seen better features on more accurate Batmobiles (Batman Forever, I'm looking at you), but if you really need this vehicle to have a representative B&R Batmobile, I can tell you that it's not too hard to find.

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