Sunday, January 11, 2015

Batman Movie Collection Batman vs Riddler

Batman Movie Collection Batman vs Riddler

Some time around '97 and '98, Batman Movie Collection vs. packs were released. They did one for Batman and Batman Returns. Here we'll take a look at Batman Forever. Since these are just repaints, I will not say much about them.

It's what it is. Batman's done in a bit of a blue rust and Riddler looks like a clown in those big yellow shoes.

Batman is the same mold as the Challengers of the Night Batman, no change here. The plastic seems to be made out of a different tougher plastic.

Riddler is actually a repaint of Talking Riddler as he's got the same head, but has the Two Face and Riddler's cane. I think he looks hideous. But that's that. This is the only movie collection pack that I own. The other two have proven to be rather elusive.

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