Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rotorblade Batman

Rotorblade Batman

The rarest figure on the line is also the last figure on the line. It is also the worst one. Terrible paint, unnecessary and useless weapons and an awkward pose really makes one see why there weren't so many of them produced. I will try not to give it a bad review, because I am actually selling one MIB here:

Right away you can tell this figure's terrible sin: He cannot lower his left arm when the cape/backpack is on! How the hell am I supposed to work with that? Everything about this figure seems rushed, almost to the point where it feels like a bootleg. The paint is awkward, the weapons are rough around the edges... It feels like an almost unreleased figure. Still a good figure to have around in one of Poison Ivy's vine jungles...

The dagger gauntlet that is stored on the back can be placed on the figure's right arm. It features a rotating giant ninja star. The hatchet on the figure's left arm is also removable and can be held by the right arm. The cape is sharp yet useless.

Don't get me wrong, the figure has a nice sculpt and it's a nice idea, it's just WE HAVE SEEN SO MUCH BETTER...I feel like the tubes on the left arm need to be cut. I tend to pose him with his left arm rotated all the way up. That bit of the sculpt is completely unnecessary and a bad designer choice. Again I am selling a MIB one so let's pretend this is a beautiful figure. For $25 w/ free shipping I'll make about $17 off of it. It's the cheapest one on ebay, and here's the link again: Hopefully you're a completist like me. I'm open to trades, too!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Laser Cape Batman

Laser cape Batman

Another WTF figure, except this one is pretty interesting. It's got a cool sculpt and some cool accessories.

The figure's cape can be posed in a variety of different ways and comes with a mounted missile launcher.

I am a sucker for poseable capes, and this figure just exudes so much heat! He's gonna melt Freeze's place right away. Figure can also hold the weapon, which is made of gold plastic. You know what this means, so beware.

I think this is a fantastic sculpt. The colors are nice, even if it's just two of them.

All in all this is a pretty cool figure. Now by the time wave 2 rolled around, most figures included a Batman ring:

The picture didn't really work out. They don't even fit on my pinky finger and I have small hands. I have like 10 of those and I just use them as portable heaters like the ones Batman used in the movie.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Ambush Attack Batman

Ambush Attack Batman

A very unique figure from Series two, this Batman is GREEN! It's lime green and gold, which is an awkward and odd combination. It's a very interesting figure as you shall see and one of the best in the line also.

This figure has an extremely detailed sculpt. Its most obvious feature is its waist mounted cape/wings, which attach to a hinge on his lower waist.

The wings can swing forward in order to fire those two capture claw friction missiles! They are surprisingly easy to fire, too!

Batman cna also use those claws as melee weapons!

The weapons are also detachable and can be placed on the figure's hand. Now here's something I haven't noticed before. Most figures have holes that are good places for pegs so they can all be customizable. Sadly I will not be showing examples, so it's up to you to decide how you want your figure to look.

The one drawback this figure has is that he's posed in a way where he's all chest forward, so he needs to stand up with his legs rotated slightly back, otherwise he'll tip over to the front when the cape's attack mode is activated. Surprisingly, this problem is not as bad as you'd suspect.

To be completely fair, this line does have some cool Batman figures. If anything I'm just disappointed with the FIRST figure, the Hover Attack Batman or whatever. These figures are colorful, fun and they got better in wave two. They are also strange, and it just gets stranger from here. Maybe I just like strange variants.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Blast Wing Batman

Blast Wing Batman

My other favorite figure in the line, this is a very cool figure.

This Deluxe figure comes with a giant wing backpack and a spring loaded launcher. The wings can move up and down via a button and are poseable.

The backpack can also be used as a sled! The wings moving up and down now act as ice choppers! Very cool! The figure itself has a very nice sculpt colored in black and silver.

Sorry for the short review, I tend to be very succinct with figures I really like. I just let the pictures tell the story. Highly recommended. The figure also looks really good riding the Batblade!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rooftop Pursuit Batman

Rooftop Pursuit Batman

This Deluxe figure is clad in a suit? Rocket? I don't know what that mammoth is, but it's cool looking, I suppose.

This is a huge backpack! But I don't know where the rockets are. It's also super heavy and won't stand well, which means that when you put him on a shelf you have to stand him against something, which is annoying. Worst part is, the backpack got repainted twice, but more on that later.

Pulling the ship's tail backwards causes the wings to move apart, allowing the figure to come out. The visor is removable. I like all the different moving parts. The top of the vehicle features a spring loaded missile.

The figure is an unique mold featuring an interesting, detailed space-age armor. He's also unusual because he has open palm hands. Very cool. I like the colors as well


This is a cool, unusual and unique figure. It's main drawback is that the vehicle is bigger than the figure, so it won't stand up. You have to get it to lean against something. Luckily I corrected that problem by adding a bunch of batmen in front of him so he won't fall either backwards or front. So get creative! I love the colors, too. I also like that it departs from that whole vs. ice and fire theme most figures in this line have. One of the best figures in the line.

Snowtracker Batman

Snowtracker Batman

Keeping up with the cold weather theme that pervades this line, Snowtracker Batman is in my opinion one of the better figures in this line as his color is more interesting than other figures in the line.

Figure comes with a sled backpack and fires an orange friction missile. Sled's wings can be posed in a variety of ways, acting like a shield or a cape.

I love the dry-brushing on this figure. It's very unique and I've never seen it again. While the figure itself is a repaint of Heat Scan Batman, complete with holes for the cape, the colors make it very different.

A very cool figure indeed, it's also very simple.

Tread on, mighty warriors! Tread on!